A nice desk piece, but lacks some functionality.

When I got my first iPad, I immediately wanted to start collecting all types of accessories for it. I wanted a keyboard so that I could practically go laptop free; I wanted a case so that my tablet was protected no matter where I went; I wanted a stand so that would have the best possible viewing angle for any activity. As the years have passed, I’ve found that sometimes the simplest of designs work out the best. I was recently introduced to the company TOAST. They specialize in created one-of-a-kind accessories for smartphones, tablets, and computers. The company is based in Portland, Oregon, and all their products are made in the U.S.A. I had the opportunity to test out their iPhone 7 Case and really enjoyed it especially the designer look and feel it added to my phone. So, when the chance to review their Universal Tablet Stand came about, I agreed wholeheartedly.

Toast Universal Tablet Stand REVIEW

Like the phone case, the Tablet Stand is constructed from wood — walnut to be exact. The stand is designed to work with all phablets and tablets alike. TOAST also makes a phone stand, but this accessory will also work with all modern smartphones. The stand has a wide base to accommodate the width of a tablet, and it comes with spacers that will allow you to have a tighter fit in the stand’s slot. The feet of the stand feature nano tech sticky feet that secure the stand to its surface.

On the surface, this is a fairly simple stand for tablets and phones. It’s a plank of wood with a standard slot cutout for the device to rest in. I had two different trials of the TOAST stand — an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 7.

Toast Universal Tablet Stand REVIEW

iPad Air 2: Since this was first and foremost a ‘tablet’ stand I thought the iPad Air 2 as a 9.7-inch tablet would be a good test subject. I tried portrait orientation first and the stand popped right up of my desk and the iPad toppled over. This surprised me since it’s supposed to hold a tablet. Next, I flipped the iPad over for landscape viewing and had much better results. The stand lifted up slightly in the front but didn’t come completely off the desktop and after I stuck the feet to the desktop, it didn’t really go anywhere. Without any of the spacers, I felt like the iPad was pretty secure and at a good level for standard viewing. There is about a 45º angle tilt on the iPad, which is a little extreme for some stands, but I am rather comfortable with it being this slanted.

Toast Universal Tablet Stand REVIEW

iPhone 7: Surprisingly enough, the iPhone 7 was an epic failure with the TOAST Universal Tablet Stand. At first, I had my phone in a case. This case made the phone sit up at a 90º angle, which is not conducive to regular use. I removed the case and tried having the phone sit in the stand in portrait mode and the phone just slipped out of the slot. I flipped it over and while it rested in landscape mode, the phone had to lay just right or it would slip out of the slot in the same way it did in portrait mode.

I like the TOAST Universal Tablet Stand, but don’t find it 100% functional. It’s very stylish and if you have a desktop full of wooden accessories, this would be a nice addition. I don’t really recommend it for smartphones simply because it doesn’t seem to work as well with them.

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