TOAST Leather MacBook Laptop Cover

9.3 TOAST Leather MacBook Laptop Cover REVIEW


  • Gorgeous color choices
  • Easy to install
  • Adds character to your laptop


  • Can only be used once
  • Cutouts don't line up 100% correctly
Ease of Use

Add a colorful piece of flare to your Apple laptop.

I like to keep my devices in good repair. One of the ways I do that is to keep them in protective covers. There is no shortage of cases for tablets and phones, but nothing really wonderful for MacBook Pros. Last year I was introduced to a custom cover company called TOAST. They make some incredible wooden covers for smartphones and tablets. So, when I found out they also make a leather cover for the MacBook Pro, I decided to invest in one and install on it on my machine.


The Leather MacBook Laptop Cover from TOAST is a laser-cut cover that is made from premium leather. Each piece is precision cut and finished by hand. Because it’s made from 100% genuine leather, the cover will gradually gather a patina with continued use. It’s designed to improve with age just like a wallet, boots, or jacket. The cover includes the top piece with an optional matching leather bottom available upon request. The cover is fully customizable with your own custom art or text engraving (some exclusions may apply). The cover is available in 10 vibrant colors.

TOAST Leather MacBook Laptop Cover REVIEW


The laptop cover is shipped in a simple paper sleeve with strict instructions not to bend the contents. The MacBook Pro cover comes in two pieces with 3M self-adhesive backing. There are very clear instructions included When you open up the sleeve to unveil the cover pieces you will see a lot of printing on the inside. “Go forth and be epic” is stamped at the top in bold letters so that you get the feeling of the unique nature of the cover. I was really intrigued by this method of packaging. It’s a lot of internal marketing and the idea behind it is to get the user to a way to commune with others about their product. The installation instructions are included with the parts and are fairly easy to follow. TOAST includes images as well as written instructions. I always prefer that to just one or the other.

TOAST Leather MacBook Laptop Cover REVIEW

The first step is to wipe down your computer with the provided alcohol wipe. I actually wiped down my machine twice. After your laptop is wiped down, you will start to peel off the 3M adhesive backing, but not take it the whole way off. You are instructed to line up the small notches on the leather with the notches in the hinge of the laptop. I didn’t really find the notches on the leather so I had to use the edge of the top as a guide. I found that laying the cover on the surface of the laptop was rather easy as long as you don’t apply pressure until it’s 100% lined up with the Apple Logo in the center (if you went with that design option). Once it’s lined up, you can press down on the cover to make sure it adheres completely.

The bottom cover goes on in a similar fashion as the top. I did find that it didn’t line up quite as well as the top did though. There are a lot of screws that have to remain visible (in case you have to have the laptop serviced) and each of the holes in the cover has to line up with the screws. I would say that it was off by 0.5mm or less, but it was enough for my eye to catch it. The cover lines up just fine with the sides of the laptop, but is just slightly off with the screw holes.

TOAST Leather MacBook Laptop Cover REVIEW

The process of installing the cover is very similar to the way you install a screen protector on a phone. You have to have patience and make sure that it’s properly aligned or you have to start the process over again. The problem with the TOAST covers is that they are a one-time use option for a cover. You can’t just take it off and hope to be able to put it right back on the next day. When I removed the iPhone 7 cover from my phone it pretty much destroyed the TOAST cover. It’s just not reusable. I don’t think it’s designed to be. With that in mind, you have to be sure that you are happy with the cover you choose before you apply it.


TOAST makes a premium product. I’ve been a fan of their work since I install one of their cases on my iPhone 7. The only issue I really have with their products is that they can’t be reused. The quality of the product is amazing. I am totally in love with the leather cover for my MacBook Pro. It adds a complimentary color to my machine while helping to protect it, too. I can recommend TOAST covers for the MacBook Pro and suggest that you consider carefully which design you want before you submit your order.

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