tizi Turbolader 3X Mega Car Charger Review:

A car charger with high class design.

tizi Turbolader 3X Mega Car Charger Review 3I am a sucker for well-designed products. So, when I got the opportunity to review the Turbolader 3X Mega from Tizi, I jumped on it. You might be thinking, “It’s just a car charger.” However, it’s a well-designed car charger made from aluminum and strong plastic – much better quality than I’ve seen from its competitors.

The Turbolader has a bit more weight then the average car charger and this is due to the aluminum construction, which also makes this little device so beautiful and stylish. Don’t let the stylish nature of this little beauty fool you. It’s also got a powerful punch behind it. Turbolader provides the user with three USB ports for optimal charging power. It automatically supplies power up to 2.4A for each device that is plugged in. The dynamic charging helps to push power out faster for quicker charges for your devices.

tizi Turbolader 3X Mega Car Charger Review 4It is perfect for every typical car lighter power socket (12 -18 volts). With integrated surge, over-heating and over charging protection for ultimate safety, this is the ideal companion for road trips. As far as compatibility goes, most modern mobile devices – iPads, iPhone, iPods, Samsung Galaxy series phones and tablets, Kindles – can be charged using the Turbolader.

tizi Turbolader 3X Mega Car Charger Review 5Turbolader is designed to be a ‘snug’ fit in your car. As soon as you plug it in, you will notice the tight fit. This perfect fit was designed to help with the optimal charging of your devices. I appreciate this because I’ve had some car chargers that just don’t fit well and will even slip out of the outlet in the car.

Another nice feature I noticed was that the blue LED indicator light on the charger shines bright, but not too bright. I like that because that can be a real distraction to drivers.

tizi Turbolader 3X Mega Car Charger Review 6I absolutely love when a company puts so much thought into design. I know it’s just a car charger, but because of how well it’s made, I had to checkout the tizi website to see what other types of devices they make. I was pleasantly surprised to learn they make a whole slew of cool stuff, and from what I see they put real thought in the design of the other products as well.

The Turbolader 3X Mega from tizi is a great car companion. It retails for $35.

For more information, visit http://www.tizi.tv/en/power.html#tizi_turbomega

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