The perfect weekend companion for your smartphone.

tizi Flachmann Battery Pack Review 3There are a lot of choices out there for external batteries. Some are large capacity and some are just enough for one extra charge of your phone. The kind I prefer? The ones that are perfect for emergencies. It’s actually pretty amazing how small batteries can get. This one for tizi is just a bit smaller that my iPhone 6. It’s called Flachmann.

Flachmann is a 4000 mAh battery pack that allows you to charge your iPhone two full times before it needs a recharge itself. It’s very small. Weighing only 108g, which is less than an iPhone 6, Flachmann is the perfect on-the-go companion. It’s slim enough to fit in your jeans pocket without any effort and light enough to not weigh you down. While I tested this tiny battery with an iPhone, it’s great for any USB capable device.

tizi Flachmann Battery Pack Review 4My experience with tizi Flachmann has been fantastic. I’ve had it for a couple weeks and have used it quite frequently. During one of my tests, I gained 20% battery in less than half an hour. That’s very nice charging time for such a small battery pack. A couple of months ago, I started carrying a heavy duty, large capacity battery pack with me because I didn’t like to find myself without power. The problem was that my bag constantly felt weighed down. That’s when Flachmann came into my life. While it’s not a 10,000 mAh battery that I only have to charge once in a blue moon, Flachmann is a respectable 4000 mAh that is enough for most anything I have with me on-the-go. And as an added bonus, I no longer feel like I have a boat anchor in my bag.

tizi Flachmann Battery Pack Review 5One feature I want to point out is the LED indicator lights. They do exist on the battery pack, but it has to be plugged in – either for input or output – in order to see them. When Flachmann is charging, the lights come on and blink to let you know that it’s charging. When it’s outputting power to another device, Flachmann’s indicator lights are steady on.

I truly love the simplicty of this battery pack. There are no power buttons or flashlights included. It’s just plug and charge.

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