The Toughest, Most Flexible Cable on Earth

Photo_2While I try to live a completely wireless life, one cable I can’t seem to cut is the charging cable. It used to be that the only charging cable that I owned was the one that came with my device. I can’t tell you how many I have worn through and taped up just to keep them functioning. For this reason, I am glad that I found the Titan Cable from Fuse Chicken.

The Titan Cable is billed as ‘the toughest cable on Earth.’ It’s made with reinforced, flexible steel and is a gooseneck style cable. The cable is a Lightning cable compatible with all Lightning capable Apple products. Plus, it’s MFi certified to both charge and sync your iOS devices. The cable is one-meter (39 inches) in length, which is the same length as a standard Apple charging cable. Because of its steel exterior, the Titan Cable is the only Lightning cable you will ever have to buy.

Photo_1I’ve been a fan of Fuse Chicken for quite some time and really love their products. The first cable of theirs that I was able to test out was the Bobine, which is also a MFi certified Lightning cable, but it’s structured to be a stand and this Titan Cable is meant to be a flexible charging cable for any use. Of course, my favorite feature of it is its flexible steel tubing. I really like that I never have to worry about the cable fraying or becoming damaged from overuse.

In my testing, I charged both my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 and had no issues with it. The charging time was about the same as a standard charging cable and because it’s MFi certified, I didn’t receive any warnings on the screen about the accessory not being supported.

Photo_3The Titan Cable is great for people who are constantly on the go. The Titan is a bit on the heafty side weighing in at 4.5 oz. A standard Apple lightning cable only weighs 0.5 oz. Even though it’s a bit heavier than the standard cable, it’s definitely worth the durability you get.

During my time reviewing gadgets, I’ve never had a cable from Fuse Chicken mess up on me. So, I feel very comfortable saying its a cable I’m glad to own.

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