Tippit for iOS makes calculating tips easy.

It’s not unusual for me to go out to dinner with several people. Many times, we get separate checks, but there are some restaurants that won’t allow that. In this circumstance, separating the bill between multiple people can become…messy. Even though a calculator can be of help, sometimes it’s not enough. Tippit for iOS is a wonderful app to help with this little issue.

tippit3Tippit is a free app for iOS that allows users to separate a total check amount into individual amounts for guests. It’s very easy to use and gives you many different options for tip amounts. To use, you simply enter the bill amount total. Then, enter how many people the bill is for. Give your server a rating and then Tippit shows a total amount that each guest should pay including a tip amount.

One of my favorite features of Tippit is the ability to edit the tip percentages. The default percentages are –

  • 5% for Pathetic Service
  • 15% for Mediocre Service
  • 25% for Impressive Service

tippit1 (copy)When you are on the service selection screen, you can tap ‘edit’ in the top right-hand corner. This will bring up the Edit Tip Percentages page. You can change the Pathetic and Impressive tip amounts, but not the Mediocre percentage. The Mediocre percentage will change based on the percentages entered for the other two amounts. For example, when you input 18% for Impressive and  3% for Pathetic, the Mediocre amount changes to 10%. Typically, I use 10% as a baseline because it’s easy to compute the tip amount in my head.

The editing tip percentage was a recently added feature from an update in early June. It’s definitely a feature I’m glad the developer added. I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes you just don’t want to give a server any tip at all.

tippit1Another thing to note about the tip calculation is that it’s a slider. You can select a tip percentage that is between one of the pre-defined amounts. For example, if I have a server that is good, but not great and I feel that he/she deserves better than the 10% I have set for Mediocre, I can slide the arrow so that it’s in between Mediocre and Impressive service and the calculator will figure the percentage between those two percentage amounts.

Tippit is a great tool to hang on to. As previously mentioned, it’s free to download and use. You have the option of an in-app purchase, but it’s only a theme pack and you won’t gain any additional functionality with it. I highly recommend Tippit to anyone who frequents restaurants.

For more information, visit saoud.org/tippit. The developer has provided a feedback form for app improvement suggestions.