TinyWord Mac App Review:

A powerful word processor without the fluff.

TinyWord Mac App Review 3One of the pieces of software I use on a daily basis is a word processor. I’ve used one ever since I started using computers. The same is true for many people. The word processing giant Microsoft Word and Apple’s Pages are sometimes just too much for a simple writing project. Both those programs serve a purpose, but they have become weighed down with so many layout options, that the writing functionality gets lost in the shuffle. That’s why there are programs like TinyWord.

TinyWord is a lightweight, efficient word writer for Mac that allows you to complete daily word processing tasks without any of the bells and whistles of larger word processors. You can still do many of the same function as the ‘big boys’ like inserting pictures and creating tables. Some of the key features of TinyWord include:

  • Useful tools that a text editor should have, not complicated, no burden.
  • Powerful Editing Functions
  • Add a hyperlink or the anchored link to any text content and create multi-column document.
  • Inspector panels enable you to adjust fonts style, size, formatting setting like character and line spacing, alignment etc. easily.
  • Special characters offered for you to make the word document more expressive and unique.
  • Support multiple documents at the same time, offer you efficient editing and collaboration.
  • Find and Replace feature help you to update and modify the word document in mins without manually scan the text yourself.
  • Export Microsoft Word documents(Word 97 document .doc and 2007 document .docx included)
  • Export files to many other formats: .rtfd, .rtf, .html, .webarchive, .odt, .xml.
  • Import files: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .rtfd for continuing editing.
  • Support for all image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .tiff and more)

TinyWord Mac App Review 6

TinyWord Mac App Review 4FIRST IMPRESSIONS
When I first opened the app, I was met with a friendly interface that reminded me of other document apps I’ve used. With the familiar interface, I was able to start typing immediately and didn’t trip over any fancy options or features. I immediately found that I enjoyed the writing experience more because there weren’t any of those bloated feature from the heavier apps available. It’s simply a good interface that is easy to use.

I have to admit that I was a bit leery of this app at first. I am what I refer to as an accelerated user of word processors. I use all those extra little little features like tracking changes and layout option. I was a bit nervous that TinyWord wouldn’t have enough features for my particular uses. Fortunately, I was wrong. TinyWord is great for when you just have a writing project to get done. It still has the ability to add tables, pictures and links, but it’s not meant for extensive files sharing back and forth between users. One of the options the app offers is to export the document as a Word Document for that purpose. You can also export as a PDF. TinyWord Mac App Review 5One feature I’d love to see TinyWord utilize is the full screen layout famous with Apple apps. One of the reasons I like that feature is because it basically blurs out anything in your background so you can concentrate on the task at hand. With TinyWord being all about getting the task done, I think it could benefit from that viewing option.

TinyWord is a wonderful word creating app and I can see myself using it a lot more in the future. Sometimes you just want to get the words out onto the page and that is what TinyWord is great for. The app is available in the Mac App Store and retails for $18.99, but is currently on sale for $1.99 for a limited time.

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