A creative app for image editing and memory preservation.

In the past couple of years, image augmentation apps have really taken off. With the popularity of SnapChat and others like it, there seems to be no shortage of image editors out there. One thing I’ve not really seen much of though is apps that focus on perhaps the most popular type of memory out there — baby pictures. Tiny Memories is just that — an app that is designed to enrich baby photos with graphics and captions.

Tiny Memories from developer Apalon Apps saw baby and children photos as an untapped market for image editing and designed this app to help capture all the daily fun and milestones from a babies life and make them truly custom pieces of art. Some of the things you can do with Tiny Memories include:

  • Creating charming images using handpicked fonts
  • Design warm greeting cards to send to relatives and loved ones
  • Sign memorable photos
  • Make funny memes
  • Combine images and text to create exclusive wallpapers
Tiny Memories iOS App REVIEW Tiny Memories iOS App REVIEW Tiny Memories iOS App REVIEW

Tiny Memories has even set it up so that you can use the hashtag #tinymemories on Instagram to share with the Tiny Memories community. In addition to being able to add in text and graphics, you can also edit the photos by adjusting brightness and contrast without the need of extra utilities. At face value, you might be wondering, “What sets Tiny Memories apart from other image editing apps?” In simplest terms, Tiny Memories is catering directly to parents of small children and babies. The developer handpicked collections of artwork, fonts, and colors that would suit young children. Most importantly, developer Apalon Apps made it very easy to share your custom creations with family and friends right from the app.

To get started, you download the app from the App Store. When you first open the app, it will ask for permissions to access your photos. Functionally, it will pull photos directly from your Photo library on your phone or iPad. You can also give permission for Tiny Memories to access your camera and then you can take photos directly from the app. Once you have a photo selected to use, you can change the orientation of the photo or crop it, add text or artwork to it, and share it with others. Even though the app is designed to highlight baby photos, you can alter other photos as well. I opted to edit a photo of myself. In this photo, I had my face painted after an outing to the circus. I added a caption so I would remember what the photo was from and then added a small graphic to accentuate the event.

Tiny Memories iOS App REVIEW Tiny Memories iOS App REVIEW Tiny Memories iOS App REVIEW

Tiny Memories is a very easy-to-use app and I think new parents could really get some enjoyment out of it. I do wish that there were some additional app settings or information within the app. There is a menu option for “More”, but it only shows more apps from Apalon Apps. Tiny Memories is a nice app that serves a creative purpose. I would recommend it for all types of users.

DOWNLOAD – Tiny Memories – iOS – $4.99

For more information, visit apalon.com/tiny_memories.
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