Flash drive great for extra storage space.

No matter how large the storage on my iPhone is, I always manage to fill it up. My overcrowded iPhone hard drive is usually due to apps eating up space, music and video, or the all too familiar camera roll that is too full to take any more important selfies. I can, of course, use the cloud but that doesn’t always give me immediate relief. It can be a pain to upload everything and when you’re out and about, you don’t want to use all of your precious data in case you need it for one of the few times you need to transfer large files with friends or coworkers on the go. One of the few design flaws of the iPhone is that there isn’t a way to expand your storage space. Fortunately, Timespa changes that with the iUSB Pro flash drive.

TIMESPA iPhone 32GB USB Flash Drive REVIEW

The iUSB Pro appears to be just another USB flash drive on your keychain, but with a quick flip, it’s so much more. At only about two inches long, the tiny aluminum drive fits easily on your keychain in a compact package. The hinge in the middle allows you to flip to either the USB or the Lightning port in a snap. The metal design gives you some piece of mind that the drive is nice and safe while being jostled around in a pocket with keys and other random items. Also, you won’t have to worry about it breaking of off your key ring and losing it.

TIMESPA iPhone 32GB USB Flash Drive REVIEW

Using the iUSB Pro is quite simple. You do have to download their iOS app. Once you plug the Lightning port into your phone it gives you a prompt and a link to download the free app for the App Store. Set up for the app is pretty straight forward and minimal. Once you have the app set up and the drive plugged in you just open the app and move through the menu. There are some advanced settings that I really didn’t see the need to mess with. There is a button for the iUSB Pro, your iPhone, camera, and storage inside of the app as well. I really appreciate being able to take video  and pictures and have them saved directly to the drive. This is very handy for a family get-together where sharing all of the photos is a must. Transferring back and forth between your phone and the drive is as simple as tapping whatever you would like to store and it’s done. I didn’t experience any real lag while transferring data. The iUSB Pro is definitely an everyday carry accessory for me.


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