A good investment for multiple trackers.

Tile currently has four tracker devices in the market the Tile Sport, Tile Mate, Tile Style, and Tile Slim. At one point or another, MacSources’ writers have reviewed each of these products including the original Tile Bluetooth Tracker. So, why rehash the same products? Well, it’s simple. This is a new way for them to be packaged. Tile has actually provided two different combo packs that make it easier for families to stay up-to-date with their belongings’ location. The combo pack of the Tile Mate + Tile Slim and the Tile Style + Tile Sport (the focus of this particular review) are both great ways to enhance your digital footprint with trackers while being economical at the same time (you get a better deal this way).

Tile Pro Series Combo Pack REVIEW


The Tile Pro Combo Pack includes the Tile Style and Sport the pro series trackers from Tile. Individually, these two products would retail $25 each (current sale price), but as the combo pack, you can purchase the pair for $45. The two pro series trackers are designed to offer the clearest, loudest notification sound possible. Once you get the Tile device set-up, you just attach it to whatever you want to keep track of (purse, laptop bag, wallet, etc.) and open the app to see where your stuff is. There is no maintenance required. Every Tile is designed to work for one year and then can be replaced through Tile’s replacement program at a discount. Tile can also help you find your phone when you’ve misplaced it.

Tile Pro Series Combo Pack REVIEW


My first impression of the Tile Style & Sport Combo Pack was positive. The pair of trackers come in a simple but elegant package. Given the compact nature of the product, the container was small as well. It has a clear image of the product on the front with basic details on the back. It’s a suitable retail package that doesn’t leave many questions for someone who might be looking into purchasing the product. Opening the package requires removing the outer sleeve You will then find a sleeve with the quick start guide and warranty information on one side and a cutout in the protective foam where the two trackers are positioned. 

Getting started with any Tile product is easy. You start by downloading the app and then following the in-app instructions to connect the tiny device. Tile really makes it a simple process, which is great because I could see people getting frustrated with the set-up if it wasn’t user-friendly. For further reading on how each Tile is set-up, check out our reviews of the Tile Sport, Tile Mate, Tile Style, and Tile Slim

Tile Pro Series Combo Pack REVIEW

I have two issues with the Tile products. One of these problems isn’t something that everyone would experience, but it’s something I still need to bring attention to. First, I don’t like that the device has to be ‘replaced’ when the battery dies. The reTile program is designed well and it works, but you are essentially repurchasing the product every year. I’d personally rather have to replace the battery or recharge it than completely replace the device. Tile does offer a small discount (16-40% off the retail purchase price) when you reTile, but I think that if you are purchasing a device, you shouldn’t have to continue rebuying it year after year. Let’s say you are an avid Tile user and you have a Tile Mate in use for 5 years. The initial cost is $20 and then $15 each year after that. That’s a total of $80 on a single Bluetooth tracker over the years. If the battery was replaceable, your maintenance cost would be more like $1.66 per year after the initial purchase for a total of around $27 over 5 years (assuming CR2032 would be the battery size; 6-pack available on Amazon for $9.50). 

The second issue I personally have with the Tile trackers is being able to hear them. I have high-end hearing loss and am unable to hear higher pitches like birds, door chimes, or Bluetooth trackers without hearing aids. Therefore, even with the pro series trackers having a louder chime for location, it’s in the range where I can’t hear it no matter what the volume is. I can hear it when I have my hearing aids in, but without them, I can’t hear the Tile trackers at all. I know this isn’t an issue that would plague most people, but since there is a subset of the population with hearing loss like mine, I feel it’s fitting to bring it up here. 

Tile Pro Series Combo Pack REVIEW


The Tile Pro Series Combo Pack is a good investment if you are looking to purchase more than one Tile at a time. The products are the same as if you purchase them separately, but you get the discounted price for the combo packaging. The pro series products from Tile waterproof, 2X louder than the standard Tile products, and have twice the range, too. I feel that if you are in business and travel a lot, the pro series is the way to go. Despite the ongoing cost of being a Tile user through the reTile program, the trackers and their Tile Community system work and work well. I can recommend the Tile products to any type of user as they are easy to set-up and use through the app. 

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