Tile Bluetooth Tracker is easy to use and a solid device.

Everyone has been there, You’re getting ready to leave the house and you can’t find your keys. Are they in your pants from the day before? Or, maybe they are misplaced in the freezer? For those times, there are Bluetooth trackers. These trackers connect to an app on your mobile phone and allow you to ping it so that you can easily find your lost belongings. Most Bluetooth trackers operate the same way. Once you ping it, the tracker will put out a sound so that you can find those keys behind the couch cushions, or find where you left your umbrella. Even though most trackers have similar functionality, they all have one thing that makes them unique. Tile was one of the first to market and has continued to dominate as a top-selling Bluetooth tracker.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Review

As an organization, Tile has a goal of bringing calm to members’ lives. They strive to keep people connected to things that matter in their lives and they have done a remarkable job of making it easy with Tile. The device itself is only about 1-inch square. It has a large hole on one side so that you can easily attach it to a keyring, wallet, luggage – really anything you want to keep track of. What really sets Tile apart from its competitors is that it is constantly monitoring its location and there is an entire community of Tiles that will help find you misplaced items.

Tile has an impressive range of 30 ft (up to 100 ft if there is a clear line of sight between the Tile and your phone). If your belongings are outside that 100-foot Bluetooth range, the community kicks in to help. You can enlist the Tile apps in your area to anonymously and securely look for your lost item. What happens is that you mark your Tile as ‘lost’ and then when another Tile comes in contact with it, you get a ping with its location. It’s a very cool and unique feature of this tracker.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Review Tile Bluetooth Tracker Review Tile Bluetooth Tracker Review

Getting started is surprisingly easy. You simply download the app, and signup for a free account. Then, you connect your app to your Tile via Bluetooth. Once you have paired your Tile, you can easily keep track of it by opening the app and pinging it. The ‘ping’ is a very gentle melody that repeats until you manually tell the app to stop. I personally like this feature because of its simplicity and the fact that it keeps chiming. There are other trackers out there that will chime a few times and then quit. One other thing I want to touch on here is that certain people (Nick is one of them) can’t hear a certain frequency. Unfortunately, Tile’s chime falls in that tone. Nick was actually slated to test out Tile, but couldn’t hear the chime. He thought there was a malfunction until I told him it was ringing. It’s just something to think about when selecting a tracker.

Tile is not meant to be reusable forever. This is a major bone of contention for a lot of people. They want to see their trackers be rechargeable or at least be able to change the battery. Tile isn’t set up that way at all. After about a year, the battery starts to die out and you need to replace it. Tile has a reTile program though that allows you to recycle your old Tile and receive a discount on the purchase of a new device.

Tile seems to be a very solid tracking device. I’ve had some experience with other trackers and find this one to be one of my favorites because of the pinging feature. I do wish that you didn’t have to buy a new one every 12 months, but like the recycling program the company has set up. All in all, it’s a nice device.

For more information, visit thetileapp.com.
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