thredUP makes clothes shopping for families a breeze.

thredup-1Several years ago, a new shopping trend began – secondhand clothing resellers. The most popular one in our area is Plato’s Closet, where they purchase “gently” used brand name clothes from consumers. This trend is not a new invention. Consignment stores have been around for quite some time, but with the economic downturn several years ago, they became more popular. I knew that it was only a matter of time before this idea made its way to mobile devices and today I found thredUP.

ThredUP is the United States largest online consignment store for girls, boys, teens and women’s clothing. The only carry practically new clothing and charge approximately 80% less than retail stores do. When you start up the app, you are met with a screen that asks you who you are shopping for – girls, boys, juniors or women. Once you select the ‘who’, you are met with a screen full of clothing. You can select filters to apply to the inventory like size, brand and color. You can also sort by the newest items, high price and low price. Once you select your filters, you can then choose the piece of clothing you are interested in to get a closer look at it. If it meets your criteria, then you can add it to your cart. Once added to your cart, shipping charges are estimated (thredUP does not charge for shipping on orders of $50) and a total is shown. If you want to place an order, you have to create an account.

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One of the other features of the thredUP app is that you can resell your stuff through thredUP. In order to do this, you request a shipping bag from the company and deposit your items into it. This service is completely free except for a $4.95 bag deposit (fully refundable once the bag is returned). The company assesses the pieces you send to them and then determine if they can sell it. thredUP will return unaccepted items, but for a fee.

I really like this app. It’s very clean layout-wise and easily understood. The process is pretty straightforward and the app includes an extensive FAQ for any questions. At first I thought that the sizes might be limited to X-Small and Small, but was pleasantly surprised to find all sizes represented.

Originally released February 8, 2012, thredUP is currently on version 4.5 and is free to download from the iTunes App Store.