This week in tech news – original Apple I computer sells for over $600,000 at auction, rumored Haswell processor revels additional feature and Microsoft reveals the Xbox 1.

Apple I goes for $671,000 at Auction
An original Apple I computer sold at auction on May 25th for $671,000 (USD). Its original owner purchased it in 1978 and was one of the original owners of the Apple I computer. The computer’s starting bid was $116,000. Last November, an Apple I sold at auction for $640,000. Included in the sale were the original owner’s manual, a letter from Steve Jobs to the original owner and Steve Wozniak’s signature. With only 40-50 estimated Apple I’s still in existence, this is an extremely rare collectible item. The original sale price of the Apple I was $666 (USD).


Haswell Processor Brings More Battery Life
The highly anticipated Intel processor code-named Haswell is reported to offer 50 percent more battery life than the Ivy Bridge. The Haswell chips were made with laptops and tablets as its main products. The Haswell processor is rumored to be the next big thing that is paired with Apple products.

Microsoft unveils Xbox 1
Microsoft revealed the much anticipated Xbox 1 to the public on Tuesday, May 21st. The Xbox 1 is the successor to the very popular Xbox 360, which was released in 2006. The Xbox 1 will utilize voice commands and hand gestures for functions and game play.