This week in tech news – Apple Care by subscription, critics want Microsoft CEO fired, Apple’s waiting list for authorities.

applecareApple Care Goes to Subscription Based Service?
Apple announced at a town hall session that some major changes will be coming to Apple Care this fall. Currently if you purchase Apple Care, you are purchasing it for a a specific product. The rumor is that Apple is going to move their service plan to be subscription based, which will be attached to a customer rather than a product. The theory behind this change is that it will make the service plans more attractive to customers while cutting costs for Apple.

Windows 8 Critics Calling for CEO Resignation
Critics of Windows 8 are calling for Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer’s, resignation due to the dramatic drop in Microsoft stock this past week (was $60/share when Ballmer became CEO and closed at $32.49 on Friday, May 10). Even with this drop in stock value, the Microsoft Corporation remains strong behind Ballmer as the CEO. Experts don’t think he will be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Apple Creates Waiting List for Authorities
Apple has become so inundated with requests from local and federal authorities to de-encrypt iPhones and iPads that it has created a ‘waiting list’ for these requests. It looks as thought the waiting list is currently 7-weeks long with a 4-month turn around time for these requests.