This week in tech news – Roadrunner Supercomputer being shutdown, Apple denied trademark and potential iPhone launching in June.

Roadrunner Supercomputer to be Shutdown
The world’s supercomputer, Roadrunner, is set to be shutdown and dismantled. Originally created in 2008, it was the first computer to break the petaflop barrier (a quadrillion computations per second). While it is still one of the world’s top supercomputers, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Titan currently clocks in at 17.59 petaflops, out clocking Roadrunner by over 16 petaflops. Roadrunner’s primary functions included weapons monitoring, mapping the HIV genetic tree and simulating the Big Bang. Prior to it’s deconstruction, Roadrunner will be subject to experiments on its operating system’s memory compression techniques.

Apple Denied Trademark for iPad Mini Name
Apple has been denied the trademark for the name “iPad Mini”. The U.S. Patent and Trademark office cited the reasoning for the denial that “the applied-for mark merely describes a feature or characteristic of applicant’s goods.” Apple can appeal the denial, but will have to address the office’s reasoning. So, what does this mean for Apple’s branded iPad Mini?

iPhone 5S Launching in June?
The latest Apple rumor circulating is that the next product in the iPhone line will be launched in June. The past two iPhones, 4S and 5, have been released in September, but prior to that, the iPhone has been announced at WWDC. Since its release in September, the iPhone 5 has already been superseded by the Samsung Galaxy S4, which launched a couple of weeks ago. The rumor has legs considering the speed at which smart phones are released these days. If Apple waits until September to release its next iPhone, it chances being left behind by other technology companies’ products. Apple prides itself on not rushing through the product development process so if the product isn’t ready, I would see them waiting until it is.