This week in tech news – Apple celebrates App Store birthday, iOS 7 Beta update released, WebTV to shutdown and inventor of the computer mouse dies at age 88.

WebTV to Shutdown September 30
Microsoft owned MSN TV, formerly known as WebTV, is to be shutdown on September 30th. The service was one of the first to connect TVs with the Internet. Microsoft acquired WebTV in 1997 for $425 million. This news comes as Apple increases its efforts with set-top boxes.

Apple to Celebrate iTunes App Store Anniversary on July 10
The iTunes App Store is turning 5 on July 10. In celebration, the company had posters made that commemorated the store’s milestones. In just 5 short years, the store has increased its offerings to over 850,000 apps in the store’s inventory and achieved its 50 billionth download in May. Click here to see the poster that was sent to members of the press.

Apple Releases iOS 7 Beta Update
The original beta release of iOS 7 was littered with bugs throughout the program. Apple released an update this week for iOS 7. The latest release includes a resolution of the battery problem that iOS 7 presented, a fix to the audio bugs and compatibility of the iPad. iOS 7 is scheduled for wide release of the software this fall.

Inventor of the Computer Mouse Dies at 88
Doug Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse passed away this week from acute kidney failure. While the mouse was idea of the mouse was patented in the 60s/70s, it was not commercially available until 1984 when the Macintosh was launched.