This Week in Tech News – Yahoo shuts down AltaVista, Google closes Reader, Apple files for iWatch Trademark and next iPhone may have LTE-advanced.

Yahoo to shut down AltaVista

Search engines have changed the way we find information. One of the first indexing search engines, AltaVista, is scheduled to be shutdown on July 8th. Yahoo acquired AltaVista in 2003 and anyone looking for AltaVista after the shutdown will be redirected to Yahoo’s main site.

Google Closes Book on RSS
Even though diehard fans were outraged, Google still discontinued Google RSS Feeds, its free Reader service. The reasoning behind the decision includes content being on dedicated platforms, news being shared through Facebook and Twitter and Middle Eastern concerns that Reader is used in certain locations to get around Internet censorship. Fans of Reader attempted to challenge the decision by starting an online petition at The petition had nearly 154,000 signatures as of Monday.

Apple Files for ‘iWatch’ Trademark
Adding fuel to the iWatch fire, Apple applied for a trademark on ‘iWatch’ in Japan on June 3. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be seeing an iWatch anytime soon, but it certainly is cause to raise a few eyebrows. Could the iWatch be the next big thing?

iPhone 5S for LTE-advanced Network
Though most of us believe the next iPhone will be released this fall with iOS7, the rumor mills are still spinning with speculation. SK Telecom, an LTE-advanced carrier, has voiced an interest in carrying future iPhones. The only LTE-advanced device SK Telecom carries is the Galaxy S4. LTE-advanced promises download speeds of up to 150Mb.