This week in tech news – Apple takes another step towards the iWatch, Google looks to LG for next tablet and White House lifts import ban on Apple products.

Apple Acquires Passif Semiconductor
Cupertino-based Apple, Inc. has recently acquired Passif Semiconductor, also a California-based company. Founded by two graduate students from University of California-Berkeley, Passif Semiconductor focuses on the production of ultra low powered chips for bluetooth devices. It is rumored that this is one step closer for Apple to the iWatch.

Google May Use LG for Nexus
Not even a week after its latest release, Google is rumored to be partnering with LG for the 3rd Generation Nexus 7. This partnership would be very strategic as it would narrow the design gap between Nexus tablets and the Apple iPad. Google currently uses Asus for production of their tablets.

Obama Lifts Ban on Apple Products
The White House Administration has lifted an import ban on some Apple products – namely the iPad and older model iPhones. The ban was the result of a June ruling by the US International Trade Commission, which had banned Apple imports due to violations of a patent held by Samsung. The Obama administration has lifted the ban this week.