This week in tech news – Apple iOS Security is compromised, a Rumored Golden iPhone and Samsung plans to release wristwatch phone.

Apple iOS Security Defeated
Even though Apple prides itself on the security of iOS, some computer security researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have fought through the flaws in the mobile operating system. They have been able to create malicious apps that avoids detection by Apple’s app review process. The researchers have dubbed these apps “Jekyll apps” because they conceal their malicious side. The researchers submitted the app and downloaded it before voluntarily taking it off the App Store. Then, the researchers suggested to Apple that they adopt a type-safe programming language to protect against issues such as this.

A Golden iPhone?
As we draw nearer to the highly anticipated Apple event in September, the rumors of iPhone styles and morphs will really start to flow. The latest we are hearing at MacSources is a golden iPhone. It’s a possibility due to gold being one of the easiest colors to anodize onto the iPhone. Plus, gold is one of the most popular after-market color adjustments for iPhones. Personally, I think a golden iPhone would be just too  gaudy.

Samsung to Debut a Wristwatch Phone
Samsung is planned to have a wristwatch device called the Galaxy Gear released in September. Galaxy Gear will have the ability to make phone calls, surf the Web and review e-mails. Galaxy Gear will run on Android OS and go on sale to beat the potential iWatch, rumored to be released by Apple. It will be interesting to see what this device will actually be able to do and see how it effects Apple’s plans.