It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the advertisements are taking center stage, but let’s not forget the news in tech this week. Here’s a look at a few headlines.

Twitter Hacked!
Quite possibly the most popular headline this week was that Twitter, the #tellyourlifestoryin140charactersorlesswithahashtag social media site, was hacked and an estimated 250,000 usernames, email addresses and passwords were compromised. It was suggested that even if you didn’t receive notification from Twitter that your account was one of those hacked, that you change your password and if your Twitter password was also your email password, you should change it as well. The attack was described as “sophisticated” and deemed as professional work.

Crash a Mac App Bug
There is a new bug circulating through the Mac world that causes most Mac apps to crash or lock-up immediately. By typing in a very specific chain of 8 characters into a text field (“File:///”), the app sees it and makes the app shutdown or creates the spinning beach ball of death and forces users to force quit in order to continue. This command is so volatile in fact that I was unable to enter the characters as an example in this post without the quotation marks. Use with caution. 

Apple Surpassed Samsung as No.1 in Mobile Phone Sales
During the 4th quarter of 2012, Apple sold 17.7 million mobile phones besting Samsung’s 16.8 in mobile phone sales. This was a 38% jump in sales for Apple from the year before and gives Apple, Inc. 34% of the market.

Surface Pro Tablet in Microsoft Stores
That’s pretty much the story. Surface Pro tablets are now available through Microsoft stores.

BlackBerry Super Bowl Ad
BlackBerry began its comeback ad campaign for the BlackBerry 10 series of devices with a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl. A bold move by the company as an average cost for 2013 Super Bowl commercials is $4 million according to As a marketing professional, I understand that you have to spend money to make money. And, their commercial was creative enough to leave a mark, which can be difficult during the Super Bowl. The spot has the theme of, “Instead of showing you what our new phone can do, we will show you want it can’t.” It’s a visually stimulating commercial and I would expect that there was a hefty budget for production of the spot as well as the ad placement. Here’s the spot in its entirety.