Firefox OS 
Mozilla is joining mobile operating systems with Firefox OS. The Internet browser company previewed the first commercial build of the new mobile OS at Mobile World Congress. The first phones to receive access to the new OS are all powered by Qualcomm processors to be released later this year.

HP Slate 7 Announced
Also announced as a part of Mobile World Congress is HP’s first Android-based device, the HP Slate 7. The device weights 13 ounces and is 7-inches in size. The price point for the HP Slate 7 is aggressive at $169.99 in the US.

Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs
In celebration of Steve Jobs’s birthday (he would have been 58 years old today), there is a YouTube channel set aside for videos dedicated to the Apple visionary. Check it out. Every Steve Jobs Video

Samsung HomeSync Announced at Mobile World Congress
Samsung is now taking a hit at media hub devices by releasing its own, the HomeSync. HomeSync is powered by Android and streams movies, TV shows and games. Samsung also promises the system will work with the Galaxy smart phones giving the smart phone owners the ability to ‘beam’ home movies or photos onto the television. It’s very similar to what the Apple TV allows Apple users to do.