ThinOPTICS makes having glasses an enjoyable customizable experience, now truly “stick anywhere, go anywhere.”

One of my favorite aspects about CES is mingling with and catching up with contacts.  It is exciting to have email and phone conversations with companies, and with public relation liaisons.  However, the experience is drastically different when you get to put a name with a face.  I have had the pleasure of meeting with ThinOPTICS, twice previously, and have come to love their products and their mission.  My THINOPTIC reviews from 5/31/16, and from 2/27/17, detailed the universal pods, new colors, keychain and the partnership with the ArtLifting program, designed to help homeless artists to make a living.  The initial concept/design continues to expand into the art world and has blossomed into a wonderful method to accessorize your smart device or surface.

ThinOptics Swap Kit
This year, at #CES2018, ThinOPTICS introduced their newly patented Swap Kit.  This system combines a metal base plate and a strong magnet, to create an interchangeable, customizable system.  Simply attach the metallic base plate to your phone, tablet or another surface, with the pre-installed 3M tape.  Each of the ThinOPTICS Universal Pods has a 1 3/16 inches long by 9/16 inches wide magnet attached along the back.  This magnet is cut to fit into the metal base plate, creating a very secure connection.  With hundreds of designs available, you can enjoy all of your favorite ThinOPTICS designs, on the fly.  The idea behind ThinOPTICS is simple.  People need to have their reading glasses with them to be of any use.  How often have you needed to read the small print, only to realize that you had misplaced your reading glasses?  ThinOPTICS wants you to have a nearly indestructible pair of glasses with you, anywhere you go.  They currently have strengths ranging from 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5, which should cover just about everyone who wears/uses reading glasses.  The new Swap Kit three packs are available for $50 from and

ThinOPTICS Swap Kit Magnet
If you purchase from the ThinOptics’ website directly, you can choose from among your favorite designs: Military, Countries Collection (UK, Australia, Canada), Camo, Prevent Blindness, Art, Metals, TracyReese, Quincy, and MJF.  I was very impressed with the Military line of cases, released to pay homage to all branches of our military.  ThinOPTICS tries to leave no interest un-piqued.  Whether you are interested in their Countries Collection, focusing on flags and images of home, or you have a heart of a hunter and want a “Mossy Oak” themed universal ThinOPTIC pod or you just simply want a splash of some color, you will find an amazing assortment of options.  ThinOPTICS continues to support the ArtLifting program, providing a safe and fulfilling avenue for homeless artists to make a living.  Liz Powers started this program in 2013, and it has expanded into multiple states, employing multiple artists.  The artists design the ThinOptics cases and 20% of the net profit returns to the Artlifting program. The ArtLifting website provides additional options for the sale of paintings, prints, and products.

Having been introduced to ThinOPTICS at CES in 2016, I have had the pleasure of watching the company grow and expand their line.  They have certainly come a long way from the original white or black cases. Years of trial and error led to the ultra-thin case, ultra-flexible titanium alloy, featherlight frames, full-sized shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, and their stable/comfortable nose pads.  This story and product line provide a very vivid example of tech that is designed to make life easier/better.

If you are uncertain about which optical strength you need, ThinOPTICS has provided a sample eye test, to find your Goldilocks lens strength.

To learn more about ThinOPTICS, visit them at their website
Learn more about the ArtLifting Partnership.
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