Lightweight camera bag provides quick access to equipment.

Not too long ago, I found the ideal camera bag for most of my working situations — the Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II. It’s a large backpack that will accommodate a full-size DSLR, lenses, accessories, video equipment, a laptop, a tablet, and even a monopod. Like I said, it’s great for most of my working situations, but as great as it is, the Fastpack can be a bit overkill for the run of the mill outing with family. And, even though the 12MP camera on my iPhone 7 Plus is great, I really enjoy having access to my Canon 70D whenever I go out. So, I started looking for a more compact bag that would afford me the space I need, but be mobile enough for spontaneous outings. As it turns out, that is exactly what the TurnStyle Sling Bag from Think Tank Photo is designed for.

Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 5 Sling Camera Bag REVIEW

The TurnStyle camera bag is a lightweight sling bag that is designed for mirrorless and DSLR camera systems. There are three sizes of this particular bag – 5, 10, 20. The TurnStyle 5 is the smallest version while the 20 is the largest. The TurnStyle 5, which is the size that I am looking at in this review, is really designed for mirrorless camera systems; the TurnStyle 20 is meant for DSLR systems, while the middle size can be used easily for either mirrorless or DSLR systems.

The bag itself is made primarily out of nylon with a durable water-repellent coating on the exterior. TurnStyle features abrasion-resistant zippers and has removable high-density closed cell foam dividers on the interior of the bag. It ships with a polyurethane coated seam-sealed taffeta rain cover for added protection against the elements. The sling is designed for easy rotation around your body for rapid access to gear and accessories. There is a built-in stabilizer waist strap that will hold the bag steady while you are active. Even in the smallest version of the sling, there is plenty of space. The TurnStyle bag features an exterior compartment with several organizational pockets included, the main compartment, which is deep enough for large lenses and your camera body, and a back pocket sleeve for a tablet up to 8″ in size.

Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 5 Sling Camera Bag REVIEW

While the TurnStyle 5 is a modest size, you can still fit quite a bit into it. Even though I intended this bag for my daughter, who is just getting started with photography, I put it through a few tests before handing it off to her. We set out for our local zoo to enjoy the warm summer weather and I took the TurnStyle along. I have a Quick Sling for my Canon 70D and a SpiderPro Camera Holster to carry it at my waist, so I used the TurnStyle for my accessories and extra lenses. It actually worked great. I could focus on the things happening around me and enjoying time with my daughter rather than being weighed down by a full-size backpack.

The TurnStyle 5 is a great fit for someone who either has a smaller mirrorless camera or for someone just getting started out, like my daughter. Right now, she has a simple point-and-shoot camera, but this bag gives her plenty of space for accessories like memory cards. I think for my regular use I would opt for the TurnStyle 20 since I do have a full-size DSLR and a 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Something bigger is a must for me moving forward. In fact, I plan on ordering the 20 very soon.

Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 5 Sling Camera Bag REVIEW

Something I’ve learned is that the best camera you own is the one that’s on you when you need it. As much as I love my iPhone 7 Plus, having access to my Canon DSLR and lens of choice when a shot of beauty arises is important to me. I’ve found what I love in a full-size camera/laptop bag but it’s overkill for everyday trips to the park or quick meetings, so having a sling that is simple and small is important to me and the TurnStyle series camera bag is perfect for these purposes.

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