Things for iOS and Mac is a delightful and easy set of apps to use.

My daily life is built around tasks and to do lists. I hand write them, make notes in email programs, use iOS lists – you name it. I’ve used different forms of lists for nearly everything I do. And, as much as I use lists, I haven’t seemed to find just the right one for me. When I researched Things, I hoped it might be perfect to suit my need.

Things is a productivity app built for iOS and Mac.It’s designed to help you keep things off your mind. The concept is actually quite creative. When you have a thought about an activity or project that starts consuming your time, you grab your iPhone or start up the app on your Mac and make a quite list item. You then sort that into one of many lists that are preset into the app – Inbox, Today, Next, Scheduled, or Someday. There is also a list specifically set aside for projects that have many tasks. It’s a really nice way of grouping tasks together.

Things iOS and Mac App Review

So, how does it work? When you first open the app, you have the option to create a task by tapping on a plus sign that is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. I actually missed it at first because I expected to be on the top of the screen. Task creation is very easy. All you really need is a title to create the task. This is great when you think of ideas because you can just type something out quickly to get it off your mind and then you can come back to it later. Besides the title, you can also fill in notes, add tags, or a due date.

Things iOS and Mac App Review

By default, items will appear in the Inbox. From here, you are supposed to filter your tasks into the various lists that are provided. You can’t change the lists that are built-in, but you can create projects and areas to store your tasks in for a more customized feel to the app. Even though the default list for tasks is the Inbox, you can change that during the creation process by tapping on the ‘create in’ field. Once you have tasks created and organized, you simply start working through them. Like most to-do lists, it’s a continual process with shifting through lists and moving tasks around, but with Things, it’s much easier to keep up with it all.

I’ve used apps like Things before, but with the same level of integration between mobile and desktop applications. The user experience between the two interfaces is seamless and enjoyable even. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with to-do lists, but Things makes it so that you can keep checking items off your list thus remaining productive and on task. One other thing to note about the interface is that it’s nearly the same if you are looking at it on the Mac or your iOS device.

Things iOS and Mac App Review Things iOS and Mac App Review

Things syncs through their own cloud service.This means if you prefer to use iCloud to keep your stuff in sync, you’re out of luck. Things Cloud is a free service, but you will need to sign up to use it. That being said, the syncing process was painless and very much like an iCloud set-up. Once I had my account set-up, the lists updated almost immediately.

I have very little to complain about with Things. I’ve used many apps like it before, but Things is definitely one of the best around. A couple of features I’d love to see added include a Web App, because sometimes you aren’t near your phone or main computer and you want to add an item to your list. The other feature I’d love to see is the creation button at the top of the screen. It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but it would be a lot more productive to open the app and have that front and center. Things for iOS does include iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch support as well as the Today Screen in the Notification center. In the Mac version, I would love to see a quick add option in the menu bar. There is an option for a quick key combination on the Mac, but Things has to be open in order for it to work.

Things iOS and Mac App Review Things iOS and Mac App Review

All in all, Things is a great set of apps. It takes some getting used to and a shift in the way you think about your lists, but having access to it wherever you go is wonderful.

DOWNLOAD – Things – $49.99 – Mac

DOWNLOAD – Things – $19.99 – iPad

DOWNLOAD – Things – $9.99 – iPhone

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