Weak phone signals can cause a real problem when you’re on an important business call, in a company meeting, or even if you’re having a personal conversation with a loved one. You simply can’t afford to have the connection cut out every few minutes all because you happen to live in an area that gets weak phone coverage. 

These kinds of disruptions in your connection are not only annoying, but they can also ruin your reputation at work, as well as a truly heartwarming moment that you may be having with a loved one over the phone. But there is a simple and very easy solution to this problem and it’s been around for quite some time. The phone signal booster is one of the most important gadgets you can keep in your arsenal and it will keep your connection running smoothly throughout your conversations.

But before we understand what phone signals do, we must first understand the problem of weak signals.

Why Your Phone Signal Won’t Budge

You may not be aware of how phone signals work but no, they are not magic. They seem to like it when you don’t know the science behind them, be it the invisible tether linking you to countless people across the globe, or how phone signals can travel even through the thickest walls. But there is a ton of physics behind what makes phone signals work and we won’t be going into them.

Instead, let’s consider all the factors that may be making your phone signal weak. A common problem that some people have is being too far away from the nearest signal towers. Before reaching your phone, the signal travels from the satellite out in space down to signal towers on the ground. You may be living close to one and not having any issues with your connection. But the farther out you go the weaker your signal is going to get.

Now, your phone service provider is not going to build a tower specifically for you, nor are you going to change houses simply because of a weak signal. This is why a signal booster is so useful for people living on the outskirts of the city or deeper in the countryside. 

Something else that may be causing problems with your connection is where around the house you’re using the phone from. If you’re talking from the balcony chances are your connection is at its strongest since there are no barriers in the way to hinder the signal from traveling outward. On the other hand, if you happen to be speaking from the basement, the phone signal has a harder time reaching the phone and then traveling outward. 

There are also more technical issues that cause weak signals and connection issues, but that’s where signal strengthening gadgets come in.

What Phone Boosters Do

Regardless of what the booster is called, even if it’s a name you don’t understand like signalverstärker, these gadgets function more or less the same way. The boosters come in pieces with each one serving a different purpose. You have the external receiver which is placed on the outside of the building. This is going to receive weak signals from the outside, as the name suggests.

Once the signals have been caught, it then goes to the signal amplifier, which is the part of the gadget which does the actual boosting. It is here that the phone signal is strengthened and is now of the quality that you need it to be for stable and smooth conversing. 

Now that the signal has been boosted and is strong enough for you to have an uninterrupted conversation, a signal dispenser that is installed on the inside of your home spreads it throughout the interior. Now, there are different kinds of indoor signal dispensers that function in their own unique way. For example, one may spread the boosted signal evenly throughout all devices in its vicinity, whereas another may boost the signal more for devices that are closer to the dispenser. 

But these have their advantages and disadvantages, so it purely depends on your preference and how you wish to use your booster. 

How These Boosters Come In Handy

Now the question is: how can one benefit from having a signal booster and what do they do for casual phone usage? Working from home is what comes to mind initially. With remote work being ever so popular all across the world, the need for a stable and strong phone signal is more important than ever.

If you have your own home office or even if you’re working from the living room, chances are you’re going to be getting some calls throughout your workday. Whether you live out of town, away from a signal tower, or because you live in an area where the phones are always busy, you may end up with a weak connection. To avoid missing an important business call, phone boosters are the safety net you need to keep all your conversations uninterrupted.

Another use for these boosters is speaking from unusual areas in your home. Many people have their room, office, or library in areas the basement. As was already established, basements are not ideal for phone conversations as the signal there is far weaker than above ground. But if you prefer talking on the phone from your basement, a signal booster is exactly what you need to keep your connection stable.

There are plenty of other applications for these boosters. They are one easy solution to your problems with unstable phone signals. With one simple installation of a mobile booster, you can take calls from anywhere in your home without having to worry about the connection dropping once you enter the basement or a room with fewer windows. 

It’s just one less thing to worry about throughout your day, helps to streamline your work, and allows you to have conversations with your loved ones from any place that you find comfortable.