There are tons of gaming accessories and items that can improve your play these days, from driving wheels to top-of-the-range mouses and keyboards. They all add an extra dimension to your play across both long and short gaming sessions, but when it comes to longer play it’s often the setup that lets players down. Long gaming sessions are all about comfort and having the right things within proximity whether you’re invested in a first-person shooter, hours on FIFA, or a long spell on bingo or poker. So, what does make for the perfect gaming set-up? We run down our must-have pieces of furniture to ensure your long gaming spells are as comfortable and efficient as can be.

The Chair

That of course starts with the chair. And the type of chair you need rather depends on the device you’re using. Long sessions on online casino games remain as popular as ever, but they are largely enjoyed on mobile and tablet devices these days, whereas more video game-style games like League of Legends or Call of Duty are likely to be played on consoles or gaming PCs. Therefore, a chair needs to reflect this.

For mobile gaming, you can find optimum comfort in a sofa, while PC gaming you’ll require a more specialist gaming chair that offers lumbar support in all the right areas. The Secretlab gaming chair has been very much-lauded, setting gamers back around £350 but saving a lifetime of back pain. We know what we’d choose.

You can find many other gaming chairs to suit your budget and needs too, with the likes of Amazon and specialist game shops stocking plenty.

The Storage

Gaming can often come with tons of accessories, so the right storage is essential, particularly if other people that don’t game use the room. The Uppspel pegboard has proven a popular choice for gamers and has arrived as part of IKEAs first-ever gaming collection. There is an entire range to suit all rooms with you able to personalize the set-up to suit what you need. The board itself is relatively cheap, although you can also pick up cabinets and other accessories to really craft your gaming set-up to exactly how you need it. 

The Desk

If you’re playing on a laptop or PC, then you’re going to need a desk. There are many desks these days designed specifically for gaming, with extra gadgets added to offer easy access to charging points and the like. The Thermaltake Gaming Desk is among the very best out there, with the worktop itself made of mousepad material, while it’s adjustable to suit your height and posture, like the gaming chair ensuring back pain is kept to a minimum. It’s not the only great gaming desk though, Eureka’s Ergonomic Gaming Desk is also up there with the best, while efforts from Vitesse, Mr. Ironstone, and E-Win also shouldn’t go unnoticed. What is certain though, that a specifically designed desk for gaming will change your longer sessions significantly, and for all the right reasons.