Nowadays, it is very exciting to have so much control within a small electronic device. Today, there are hundreds of applications that make life easier. From gaming applications to complete books inside a small screen. Now you can not lose yourself on the road when driving the car, there is the GPS, but you can also see, and talk to someone through your device at the same time with Tango. What more could we ask?

Fake A Call
How many times have you wanted out of a situation and could not find the way?. This is one of the most downloaded applications on the market. With Fake A Call, your phone will ring as if you were getting a real call, having the best excuse to get out of trouble. The application is completely free, and is user friendly. Best of all, you can program your phone to receive incoming calls previously identified. Your incoming call will say something like, the office, Mom, Friend, these are the unknown calls that will save your situation. If there is one.
Track it Down
With the application Where’s my Droid, you will not have to be changing, or requesting a new electronic device every time you lose it. This application allows you to find your device in several ways. It has the ability to turn the volume to its highest function by itself, if at the time of losing it was in silent mode, the unit will ring. Activate the GPS with a simple text message. You can program different attention words or codes to locate the device, and you are ready to track it down.

Angry Birds Adiction
This is the application for game time. Angry Birds has positioned itself as the most requested game today. In most devices the application is free, and its wild content of adrenaline makes it fun and exciting. This game requires great skill, power and great audacity. Although it is highly addictive, it can also relieve stress.

Kindle Books 
Imagine you can carry a library of books in the palm of your hand. Kindle for Android allows you to download the application at any android device without having to have kindle. This is one of the coolest applications for book lovers. There is a variety of free download books, but the best of Kindle is the large storage capacity for those books you want to save.

Travel Tips
With the application of Tripit, your holiday will never be the same. This application is fantastic for keeping all travel details and itinerary, including reservations and budgets. Tripit will organize all the information sent in order of priority.

We do not have to go through hard work to get through daily chores, and we can take control of our lives with a flick of a finger, or perhaps of the mind. Technology provides the most exciting ways to resolve and minimize the obstacles in a simpler way. We must advance with technology to simplify and enjoy our daily life.