The Windows 10 PC for learning and teaching next-generation skills – Now Available for Pre-Order

Kano, the leader in creative technology, has announced a partnership with Microsoft to launch a build-your-own Windows computer for creative learning:  the Kano PC. The relationship brings together two of the world’s most innovative consumer electronics companies

Designed for 21st-century education, the 11.6” touch-enabled, Intel Atom powered tablet/laptop takes you on a journey into computing, and comes with a suite of creative and coding tools, which the computer guides you through.  

Out of the box, you follow a step-by-step storybook, to connect the parts, which are replaceable; you watch LEDs on the printed circuit board light up, you explore the labeled components with a magnifying glass, before attaching the transparent case back, and a full sized keyboard cover. 

True to the company’s DNA, the Kano PC provides tools to demystify technology, and to make almost anything. When it comes to life, a step-by-step journey begins onscreen. You start with the exclusive ‘How Computers Work’ experience, an app that lets you create emojis with binary code, tinker with touch and sound, and play with the processor and memory, learning exactly what your computer is doing when you tap keys, talk into the mic, or touch the screen. 

The Kano PC also comes with:

  • Make Art – Learn to code high-quality images in Coffeescript
  • Kano App – Make almost anything, including magic effects and adventurous worlds, with simple steps and programming fundamentals
  • Paint 3D – Make and share 3D models and send them out for printing
  • Microsoft Teams – To get new projects and content, and share your work
  • Kano Projects – Personalized projects on coding and creativity delivered directly to your dashboard

Kano and Microsoft are supporting the PC’s content experience with hundreds of hours of curriculum, which lets anyone introduce computer science in the classroom in a simple and fun way. 

Preloaded with Windows 10 in S mode, compatible with the powerful Office Suite, and replete with optimized software and parent/teacher dashboards – the Kano PC is a safe creative playground for both school and home. 

The Kano PC also connects you to the free, online community, Kano World, where you can make, share, and play, in a safe space with hundreds of thousands of makers in 150 countries, who have posted more than a million real applications, and written over 70 million lines of code. 

“We should all have a guide, the opportunity to make a computer, to customize it, and take control of the technology that makes up our society,” said Alex Klein. “We are thrilled to share this vision with Microsoft and co-create a learning, making, and playing experience with the power of Windows and the creativity of Kano.” 

“We’re very excited to partner with Kano for the launch of the Kano PC. We align with Kano’s goal of making classroom experiences more inclusive for teachers and students, empowering them to build the future, not just imagine it,” said Anthony Salcito, VP of Education at Microsoft. 

The Kano PC is available for pre-order now, for $299.99 USD / £299.99 GBP on and Microsoft Store. The kit will go on sale worldwide at, education resellers and selected retailers in the United States, Canada, and the UK starting October 21st, 2019.  


  • Processor: Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Quad core 1.44 GHz
  • Memory: 4GB RAM DDR3L
  • Storage: 64GB (eMMC) – Upgradable via Micro SD slot
  • Connectivity: 2x USB ports (1x 3.0, 1x 2.0), Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Dual Band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, Bluetooth 4.2 (low energy)
  • Video: 11.6” touchscreen. 1x HDMI port
  • Audio: 3.5mm Headphone Jack, 3.5mm Speaker Level Jack, 1x Microphone
  • Software: Windows 10 in S mode, How Computers Work, Make Art, Kano App, Paint 3D, Microsoft Teams, Kano Projects
  • Accessories: Keyboard, Cover
  • OtherStatus LED set: 1x power on (red), 1x barrel connector (red), 1x battery connected – USB C (red), 2x USB ports ON LED (green), 1x Headphone ON LED (blue), 1x HDMI – (yellow), 1x micro SD (green), 1x speaker ON LED (blue), 1x microphone (blue)

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