At the beginning of 2020, more than 4.5 billion people used the Internet, while the audience of social networks has exceeded the 3.8 billion mark. The importance of digital technologies has reached new heights, and more and more people spend more time on the Internet solving their private and business problems. In this context, it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without online mailing services.  

Increasing Competition Between Mailing Services

Due to the increasing role of mailing apps in our lives, there is also increasing competition between various platforms. Each new mailing service tries to satisfy more customer’s needs and make the process of exchanging emails as convenient as possible. Some of them provide a higher level of security, others take care of the availability of big storage space and convenience of eml to pst conversion, while some create the whole infrastructure for working with files, contacts, events, etc.

Even though there is a number of options available today for regular users, Microsoft products are dominating the market. It makes Microsoft Outlook one of the oldest but the most popular mailing tools for the clients. Having understood the importance of using trustworthy mailing apps, many people who are looking for the best alternatives for their outdated services, give their preference to Outlook. Meanwhile, the process of moving old correspondence from eml to pst does not cause any difficulties.

When Do We Need Email?

For almost forty years, email has been regularly used by people. During this time, it has firmly won the hearts of Europeans, Americans, Australians, and Asians. About 95% of Internet users use email. Moreover, 59% of them receive or send them every day. In fact, an email is an indispensable tool for using all the network possibilities:

  • It allows to receive news and reviews, announcements, and special offers;
  • It is required to register an account on various websites and social networks;
  • You never can purchase goods in online stores without it;
  • It allows to build corporate networks and develop brand awareness;
  • It is used for marketing, SEO-optimization, PR, entertainment, etc.

Online shops, banking services, electronic payment systems can use the user’s mailbox as a verification method. For instance, to perform all kinds of monetary transactions or change the settings in various online resources, a notification is sent to the user’s email to confirm the command.

This is only a brief review of capabilities, provided by mailing apps. Therefore, it has to meet the expectations of clients, as well as standards for security and convenience.

In Conclusion

As you can see, email has many useful functions. So, it is simply necessary to have several accounts for the full use of the online resources on the Internet. In any case, they will not be unnecessary in the user’s arsenal. Meanwhile, using only one address is also possible: just transfer your files into a single mailing app and enjoy!