A news platform for all sides.

There are a ton of news apps out there. I mean, let’s face it. We spend more time on our mobile devices these days than we do watching TV or reading the newspaper. And, with news being on a 24-hour cycle, there is no better way to keep up with it than to download an easy-to-read app on your phone. You can take it with you everywhere and always have the news at your fingertips. But, which one should you choose?

No matter your political orientation, most people will agree that they want the truth. Personally, I feel that it’s difficult to get that these days when everyone is spouting out bits of information and news media sucks it in at the speed of light. And, I also like to read many sides to a story. Fortunately, a brand new app called The Briefing Room: A News Platform, for all sides was recently released that does just that.

The Briefing Room iOS App REVIEW The Briefing Room iOS App REVIEW

The Briefing Room is dedicated to ensuring that users see stories:

  1. they would read from sources they might already subscribe to
  2. they wouldn’t come across from sources that are not in their particular 24-hour news cycles
  3. that might fall through the cracks

Developer The Briefing Room, LLC believes the amount of information on the internet makes consumption of the news a chore and they wanted to simplify it for the masses. The Briefing Room is a virtual newsstand of credible briefs, feeds, and newsletters for users to soak up information from. The app tracks all perspectives and provides a single-sourced news app so users can use an efficient news app.

The app itself doesn’t take up much space – only 32.9 MB. Part of that reason is because it doesn’t really store a lot of data inside it. When you open the app, you will see a variety of news logos. From here, you can tap on any of the news outlets you like to read from. You will then be greeted with a briefing of what that news outlet has as its headlines that day. This is of course constantly being updated with breaking news stories. To read the full stories, you will still visit the news source’s website, which keeps the app moving quickly and efficiently. You will only have to read the stories you want instead of scrolling through endless pages on a news website.

The Briefing Room iOS App REVIEW The Briefing Room iOS App REVIEW

If you open the menu in the sidebar, you will find a few additional options including Latest News, The Sources, and Settings. Right now, the only item you can adjust in the Settings menu is the size of the text. I could see this being updated with future versions. If you select The Sources, you will see a detailed explanation of why The Briefing Room uses the sources they use in the app. I found this to be educational and love that it was included within the app.

Finally, we come to the Latest News menu item. Personally, I’d like to see this be the main window when you open the app (maybe a Setting for the future?). I spend most of my time in this area as I just want to see what is new news and not have to hunt for it. The headlines are quick and a link is included for further reading. In some cases, there are images included in this feed, but it’s only with 1 in 4 stories in the feed. It makes for a very clean way to skim through the daily news.

The Briefing Room iOS App REVIEW The Briefing Room iOS App REVIEW

I am the type of person that visits Google News every morning to check the world’s news headlines. If I see something interesting, I’ll click on it and read the full story. The Briefing Room takes that process and cleans it up considerably with this iOS app. It’s a free app and it’s pulling news from real sources and not just a social media news feed. I would like to see things organized a bit differently in the future and I think the actual design could be a little more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s a clean, easy to use app that provides valuable information. I do recommend it for people who, like me, want the headlines at a glance without all the fluff.

DOWNLOAD – The Briefing Room – Free

For more information, visit helpguide.the-bfr.com.