The likes of Apple and Amazon have been fighting for a while now to dominate the market for devices that control the link between people’s handheld devices and their televisions. Besos and Co. have their Fire Stick, Nvidia has the Shield TV, Roku has the Ultra and Apple has Apple TV.

However, it’s the latter who now plan to challenge the likes of Amazon and Netflix, as they begin to produce their very own exclusive content. Such shows don’t come cheap, meaning Apple will be trying to find ways to recoup their reported $6 billion investment. Luckily for you, we’ve been on the search for free apps that still provide great value on the Apple TV platform.

When Apple TV launched its new offering of TV shows, series, and movies in November, it was hailed as a watershed moment in home entertainment. But for those looking to scrape and save their every last dime, there’s still plenty of free entertainment available from apps such as Pluto TV offering live TV, TED giving talks and lectures, PokerStars showing live poker tournaments, and Food Network Kitchen providing cookery courses. Whatever your bankroll there’s an app out there for you, so why not give as many as you can a try. They are free after all!

Pluto TV – Next Generation Television

What makes Pluto TV so clever is that it collates free content and live streams from across the internet, making them easily accessible in one place so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your living room. With over 240 channels available, it puts some expensive cable networks to shame, while still boasting content from well-known channels like Bloomberg, CNBC, and CNN.

The service is also making waves when it comes to sports, with big players like Red Bull, DAZN and the PGA Tour all providing content, and this only looks set to balloon further this year. With over 20 million users in the United States alone, Pluto TV is the biggest free live streaming service in the US, so they must be doing something right! Fire up the app, relax and watch all that Pluto TV has to offer on your mounted screen or giant flat screen.

TED – Talks and Lectures that Expand the Mind

Doing a TED talk has become a badge of honor for experts of all topics and fields, from literature to chemistry. Now all the talks, presentations, events, video series and lectures that the organization has recorded over the years are available in one place, on the TED app.

To get an idea of what it’s like, imagine searching YouTube for a video about a topic, but rather than getting a deluge of mindless rubbish recorded by shills, you find groundbreaking philosophical thinking and scientific reasoning from some of the world’s preeminent experts and thinkers. Whether you want to design gender bias out of your workplace, see why vultures are critical for the eco-system or learn about the history of the Black Panther movement, this app is a must for people bored of the social media brain drain.

Food Network Kitchen – Recipes and Cookery Courses

The Food Network Kitchen app is so much more than just an app packed with recipes. Of course, it has an entire catalog of them, but what makes it special is that it combines the recipes with cookery shows, walkthroughs and more, making it a one-stop-shop for foodies everywhere. Some of the most recognizable culinary names also appear on the app’s shows, including Jamie Oliver and the now infamous Man vs. Food. Get your kitchen stocked, pre-heat your oven and start cooking your heart out!

PokerStars – Live Poker Action from Around the Globe

For those who enjoy studying the tactics employed by top-level poker players, the PokerStars app is a dream. It combines footage and discussions on classic match-ups from the past, with the latest live event coverage of today. Poker fans can check out all the action from huge tournaments, including the PCA and EPT tours, with much more going on too.