Cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time? You’re not alone.

This year has definitely been one for the history books. Everything that we define as ‘normal’ has been rewritten with a new definition — especially how we plan to celebrate the holiday season. Halloween was practiced but with social distancing in place. And now, as we creep up on Thanksgiving, there are many people who are having to navigate through making a traditional meal for their immediate families without the help of extended relatives — for the first time. I remember just a few years ago when I had to make our turkey for the first time. I, fortunately, had someone available to help me learn the ropes, but some people may not have that luxury. Don’t worry. Butterball is there to help. 

I, like most people, turn to search engines when I don’t know the answer to something. And while you can certainly type, “how do I thaw a turkey?” Into Google, sometimes it’s easier to go directly to the source of knowledge on a particular subject in order to find your answer. A few years ago I wrote a couple of reviews on the Butterball apps – Butterball Cookbook Plus and the Butterball Cookbook Plus 4.0. Both apps sought to provide users with the same type of information that does now. 

When you go to, the first thing you see is “You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!” You see, Butterball provides the Turkey Talk line – a hotline that gives people a place to ask questions about how to prepare not only the turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner but also all kinds of sides. I’ve found in the past few years, that it’s the ‘go-to’ place to look for answers since it’s so specific to Thanksgiving dinner.

One of the things that I go to  for is thawing directions. There is an entire section dedicated to Thawing. The section includes a video that instructs you on how to thaw a turkey and a thawing time guide. The Timing Guide is an amazing tool that Butterball provides. No matter how many times I prepare Thanksgiving dinner, I always have to check how long to thaw the turkey out. Aside from the easy to read the table in the Thaw section of the website, there is an entire page for Calculators and Conversions. It’s very helpful to have all this information available in one place rather than searching Google (or other search engines) for each piece of information you need. 

I personally prefer to look information up online, but some people may just want to talk to a live person. For those people, you can call 1-800-Butterball and use the Turkey Talk-Line. This year has definitely shown us all how to think on our feet and roll with whatever changes the world has thrown at us. Thankfully, with the help of Butterball, we can still keep some traditions alive. It may mean that you are celebrating with fewer people this year, but hopefully, the holidays are still happy. 

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