Technology and the holidays meet with the Tervis Augmented Reality tumblers.

Several years ago, I was introduced to the Tervis Tumbler at a friend’s house and I immediately fell in love. For years, I had been transporting hot and cold liquids to and from work in substandard containers. I’ve never been quite happy enough with my liquid transportation. Then, Tervis came into my life. The Tervis Tumbler is designed to keep drinks hot or cold for long periods of time. It’s BPA-free and made in America. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe and because it’s double-walled, it reduces condensation. The Tervis Tumbler is what I like to call the ‘super cup’.

Tervis Augmented Reality Drinkware REVIEW

I know that I’m making it sound overly dramatic, but honestly, it was just like magic that I had a unique, personalized method of liquid transport that could handle both hot or cold liquids. I personally have three different Tervis Tumblers and one of them, I have reserved for my office. So, you might be wondering what a cool drinkware piece has to do with technology. Well, Tervis decided to combine their popular tumbler with Augmented Reality.

Tervis Augmented Reality Drinkware REVIEW Tervis Augmented Reality Drinkware REVIEW Tervis Augmented Reality Drinkware REVIEW

Augmented Reality has been in the mainstream technology news media in the past year a lot. It’s a live view of a real-world environment that’s enhanced by computer-generated sensory output that users can see. In this case, there is a delightful gingerbread man that takes over the entire tumbler. It starts out as a small cookie that peeks out from behind one of the gingerbread houses on the tumbler’s design. He then proceeds to eat all the other elements of the design. It’s enchanting and really quite fun to watch.

To enjoy this treat from Tervis, you first have to order the gingerbread tumbler. Then you download the Tervia AR app from the App Store. When you open the app, you will simply point your phone’s camera at the tumbler and allow it to scan the cup. Once it does, the magic starts and Mr. Gingerbread dances across the screen. There are no complicated menus or settings to wade through. You just open the app and enjoy.

Tervis has done something really fun with this tumbler. They took an already popular product and stepped it up a notch. The tumbler is the same strong cup that fans are already used to and you can use it normally without the app. This AR Tumbler would make a great gift for Tervis and technology fans alike. I’m looking forward to gifting one to a family member this holiday season.


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