New Wi-Fi enabled smart door lock adds sleek design, Bluetooth 5.0 and “hands-free” capabilities for more convenient access when entering the home

Today, Teodoor announces the smallest, most functional smart lock available to date. The lock enables “hands-free” access with ensured security to simplify and hasten the user’s entry. Using advanced recognition technology, access codes, and combinations of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the smart lock grants access to approved users without the added hassle of searching for keys or your smartphone to unlock the door.

Teodoor Introduces World’s Smallest Smart LockTeodoor is using Bluetooth 5 technology for greater stability, promising fast and reliable wireless connectivity with increased range. Once a user is within 100 feet of the door with their smartphone, he or she will be recognized through the Teodoor app via Bluetooth, and once the user is within five to ten feet from the door, the smart lock will unlock the door.

The advanced authorization uses safe encrypting algorithms in the background, without storing any private information about its users creating endless possibilities – i.e. appointing multiple people with access permission or setting schedules and reminders. It can also provide intrusion alerts to notify users if an unidentified person has forcefully opened their door.

“There are many smart locks on the market right now that provide keyless entry, but we’re excited to be the first to design a truly “hands-free” lock with a wide range of convenient possibilities for homeowners,” said Martin Koterle, CEO of Teodoor. “While the most important thing is to keep you and your house safe, smart locks should also be easy to install and a pleasure to use. With Teodoor, not only can you leave your smartphone in your purse or pocket, but you don’t even have to have the app open to unlock the front door.”

In the unfortunate event that a user’s phone is stolen, if the lock is Wi-Fi enabled (optional), users will be able to log in via Teodoor’s web app and disable the phone. Users can also disable the stolen phone by using another smart device to access the app or performing a hard reset to the Teodoor lock. The procedure is quite similar to losing your keys, however, with Teodoor, you can reset, while traditional locks and deadbolts security process requires the user buying a new set.

Teodoor Introduces World’s Smallest Smart Lock

Teodoor is available for pre-order starting at $99 ($149 for Wi-Fi enabled lock) and the product will ship end of 2017.

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