Temple Jump is a good waiting in line sort of game.

Temple Jump from Nexx Studios (not to be confused with Temple Run, which is completely different) is a fun, easy mobile game for iOS. Its mechanic is extremely simple: you touch your screen to jump from platform to platform, collecting jewels and dodging obstacles as you go. The longer your touch, the higher/farther your jump. Also, the floor is lava, so if you fall, you die. It’s a nice distraction because it holds your attention while not requiring serious focus or thought.

To be honest, my first impression of this game was that it reminded me a lot of Swing, a Ketchapp game I played and reviewed a while back (you can read about it here). I actually ended up enjoying Temple Jump more than that, so if you happened to play and like Swing, Temple Jump should be right up your alley.

Temple Jump iOS Game REVIEW Temple Jump iOS Game REVIEW Temple Jump iOS Game REVIEW

So, you start out on a pillar and have to touch to jump to the next pillar. Each time you play, the setup of pillars/obstacles/etc. is different, so you don’t feel like you’re playing the same game over and over (and you can’t exactly expect what’s next). Obstacles to avoid include sinking pillars, fireballs, pillars that fall from the ceiling to crush you, platforms that fall to the lava as soon as you touch them, and many others. There are jewels to collect on basically all the landing surfaces and some scattered that have to be collected in jumps. You collect these jewels to trade for new characters like Mario, Nyan Cat, or the Companion Cube (Nyan Cat is my favorite because its trailing rainbow is a good visual for the trajectory of the jumps).

If you get 10-15 jewels in, you come across a set of wings. I have 100% always died within a second of getting the wings. You get into a zone of playing this jump game, and all of the sudden you have to flappy-bird it through different obstacles. The sudden shift in gameplay always gets me, so I’ve maxed out at 16 so far. I was never good at Flappy Bird. Even so, I think the game is enjoyable. It has tons of unlocks and the ads are not at all bad for a free game. You do have the options of buying jewels to spend on characters or to go ad-free, but I honestly don’t think those are necessary. The ads are comparatively rare (ones with sound have occurred about once every time I play for a few minutes, with popups happening between every four or five rounds).

Overall, if you like time killing mobile games, Temple Jump is worth a look.

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