Enjoyable way to spend downtime.

Templar Battleforce iOS Game Review 2Do you remember free time? Do you remember sitting down with hours of time with a single task, to conquer that game? As we get older our free time tends to slip away. Here is a game you can use to fill what down time you have available.

I have been a fan of Action, RPG and JRPG since the days of Nintendo – yes, the 8-bit system that many of us built our gaming history upon. I remember hours of Legend of Zelda (yeah I know action, but there is strategy), Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Battle for Olympus and Faxanadu. As time progressed systems advanced. Like many of my friends, we moved on and up through the systems, SNES, N64, Wii (shout out to Sega Genesis as well). As my tastes changed, I moved to the PS2 and then Xbox 360 and finally the Xbox one. I have not mentioned my saga through the handheld systems. Let’s just say the companies have had my support.

Templar Battleforce iOS Game Review 3Long story short, I have played quite a few console games, computer MMOs (Dark Age of Camelot is my all time favorite), massive open world games such as The Elder Scrolls. I am aware I have touched only on a few of the plethora of games I have played/enjoyed. I do not have this time anymore. I have had to grow up a little, and have to be more selective with my time now that I am one of a family of five. Here is where I am thankful for the mobile gaming industry.

I have been given the opportunity to review Templar Battleforce. I am thankful for this opportunity as I have been quite pleased with this game. Templar Battleforce was given to me to provide my honest review. I typically buy free games and play those. I hardly ever buy in game purchases and rarely buy games at full price. This is a habit I likely will reconsider after playing this game.

Templar Battleforce iOS Game Review 4The game starts with a series of screens depicting the history and setting up the story. The year is 12.01 AE and you are a Templar Captain. Your people are scattered to the winds fleeing from war, death and destruction. They look for a new home amongst the stars, until the Xeno attack. The fleet turns to flee, but not the Templars. They turn to fight and their ship is rammed and boarded. The Templars are at the ready! The game then starts with mission 1/tutorial: you are given text at the bottom of the screen that details what is expected. New objectives are given as the match plays out, showing you how to navigate. The missions are linear and really help you to learn how to play.

Templar Battleforce iOS Game Review 5The story is quite enjoyable and it gives you a good sense of mission and focus. I have now had about 2 weeks with this game playing about 20-40 minutes per night. Overall, it is quite fun and is relatively easy to complete a round, to upgrade a Templars skills or to outfit your units during your lunch break or during down time. The genre is not really RPG, not solely turn based strategy but a blending of both. I like how you can outfit your Templars to your interest. Melee or range, a mix of both, multiples of a certain class. You have so many options as you progress. The story is believable, the character dialogue is acceptable and the art work is on par for the style of game and mobile gaming system. In this game you can upgrade tactics, follow talent tree and pick and choose which skills you focus on. You have your typical RPG classes the tank (captain/soldier), your scout, the combo/hybrid support class Engineer (captures points). You also have healing and other classes I have not yet unlocked.

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There are multiple difficulty levels, easy, normal, demanding, brutal, hard, nightmare and Iron Man. Each level has increased difficulty and Iron Man makes death permanent in victory and defeat. Each level has benefits to experience and makes it more difficult, in that new recruits tend to be weaker. I put the game on normal difficulty which proved to be a good starting point.

The music during missions is a bit repetitive and I tend to mute the sound when I play. The opening sequence is quite good, reminding me of the theme from Pacific Rim. I wish there was a speed play button/feature that would allow you to progress through the enemy turn faster. (Update: this feature is apparently in the latest update).

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Your Templars have action points and movement points that you can use each turn. Actions have varying benefits and costs and there are buffs, strategic map points and strengths and weaknesses to each character. Additionally actions cost heat and if you use too many actions you must wait for the heat to dissipate. My favorite action so far is overwatch, where your Templar sets a point and will target any creatures coming into the square of defense. This is a wonderful feature and one I rely on. Unlike many RPG games, there are no treasure chests, no loot. The key is to complete the objective as fast as you can, in as few turns as you can, with as high of a kill count as possible. Templar Battleforce iOS Game Review 12There is a turn limit goal and you can gain bonus experience. Between missions you can spend points to update your Templars abilities and stats. Also you obtain points to extend through a talent tree. This is how you get new armor, new weapons, new abilities and new classes. 2 weeks has only allowed me to brush the surface of this game and I find myself coming back for more. I rate this game at 5/5. It is fun, thought provoking and fulfills my desire for a game I can play on my down time. It looks great on my iPhone 6s Plus. It is one of the better turn based RPG I have played. The graphics, the action and the story make this worth it’s price. I may need to rethink my previous aversion to purchasing games. I am thankful for this opportunity.

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