Telescopic Yunteng Selfie Stick Review:

A quality, heavy duty selfie stick by URPower.

Telescopic Yunteng Selfie Stick Review 3The art of the selfie photography has been aided recently by the emergence of selfie sticks. If you follow MacSources regularly, you will have seen some recent reviews where we covered several selfie sticks by URPower. Each selfie stick, or monopod, had its own unique feature and each review focused on a different aspect of using a stick along with your smartphone to take pictures. Now, we are happy to introduce you to the Telescopic Yunteng Selfie Stick from URPower.

The Telescopic Yunteng Selfie Stick is designed to work with nearly every model of modern smartphone as well as the GoPro and other handheld camcorders. It has a tripod mount that can be rotated 180º to control your preferred angle for photography. The stick also has a non-slip handle that is both comfortable and safe for long-term use of the monopod. The pole itself will collapse to be less than 19 inches in length and is constructed from aluminum alloy, which is ideal for travel and overall portability.

Telescopic Yunteng Selfie Stick Review 4This selfie stick is incredibly sturdy even when it’s extended to its longest option of 50 inches. I feel comfortable with my iPhone being used in it because of the adjustable clamp. It comes equipped with a remote shutter that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The remote is easy to pair to your phone and I’ve not had any problems with it controlling the shutter.

Telescopic Yunteng Selfie Stick Review 5The biggest difference between this selfie stick and the others from URPower is it’s locking joints on its telescopic pole. You will see in the pictures that there are three different snap locks that hold the pole in place once you have your desired length. This is a wonderful modification from the previous selfie sticks we’ve seen as it makes for a much more secure monopod.

At $24, this monopod is a good deal and well worth it if you are looking for a selfie stick. it’s great for any type of use and will stand up to heavy duty projects.