Teelevo Mobile Case for iPhone 6 Plus in Golden – A quality case that catches the eye

Picking out a new phone case is not something I enjoy doing. I like phone cases that don’t take away from the lightweight thin design that the iPhone 6 Plus has. Another personal requirement a case has to have is some protection. I’m not talking grenade proof, just enough protection from normal wear and tear. Also, if I’m going to be using a case I would like it to reflect my style. The Teelevo Mobile Case for iPhone 6 Plus in Golden met every category for me.

Teelevo Mobile Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

The packaging is opaque and it didn’t give me the best idea of what the case looked like. When I got it out of the packaging I was quite happy with the look of the case. It has a leather looking TPU backing to it with gold on the sides. A black silicone edge provides adds some protection from the phone screen being flush with the case. The case looks really nice on and doesn’t add weight or bulk.

Teelevo Mobile Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

Since there’s really no bulk to the case it fits in my wallet wristlet and scrub pockets without any issues. I like the way the leather type TPU backing of the case feels. It has a bit of traction so the phone won’t slide on a desk. One thing I was concerned that would happen was that the TPU backing would start to scuff up. So I decided to check how it would hold up to a scratch. I ran my fingernail across it being a little gentle as to it being a new case, I didn’t want to ruin it. It didn’t leave any marks. So I started to really dig my nail into it and nothing happened. So impressed and gives me high hopes that it will not start to look worn. The buttons on my phone were easy to press with this case on it, and my charger and auxiliary port are still very accessible.

Teelevo Mobile Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

I have nothing bad to say about the Teelevo Case.  You defiantly aren’t having to sacrifice protection with style.  I will continue to use this and I’m interested in seeing other cases by this company.  They also have it available for iPhone 6, 6s, and SE.

To learn more, visit teelevo.com.


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