One thing that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us is that the human race is heavily dependent on technology to get by. However, it’s also showed that technology can allow us to work in new and exciting ways, visit our families without physically having to travel and it can even help to save lives.

For as long as modern technology has existed, there has always been a corner dedicated to entertainment and not being able to visit a real, live casino in the UK has led many to turn to online offerings to get their casino fix. With many happy to write 2020 off completely, we take a look at what 2021 might have in store on the technological front.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

No, we’re not talking about an army of homicidal man-made machines hell-bent on taking over the world (I-Robot, we’re looking at you), but more our ability to program AI to monitor and analyze statistics and data in ultra-fast time. Taking the current situation into consideration, AI has allowed for far more streamlined reporting on the effect on healthcare, infection rates, and the success of preventative measures in relation to the spread of the coronavirus. While AI chatbots were already widely used, they’re now being incorporated into sectors that many wouldn’t have thought it was needed in. The growing uncertainty around staffing levels for all businesses has forced many to turn to AI chatbots to help deal with customer queries and reduce the amount of contact with a real-life person. This obviously can be seen as a good and bad thing, and we just hope that it doesn’t lead to increasing numbers of redundancy for businesses.