Stylish case with advanced drop protection and storage for necessities.

If there is one certainty in this world it’s that I will seek out a wallet case for my phone and then less than a day later, it will be off my phone. I love the idea of a wallet case, but I inevitably end up hating the execution of them. I’ve tried out dozens of different designs and the one constant with all of them is that I don’t like how the cover is handled for the phone. It’s a defining characteristic of the wallet case — the cover is — but I just can’t get past it when I’m talking on the phone. I’ve tried to exclusively use a Bluetooth headset while a wallet case is on my phone, but I just can’t find the ‘right’ case to suit me. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying out the Evo Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 from tech21 and they had an interesting solution for my problem — detachable card storage.

Tech21 Evo Wallet Case REVIEW Tech21 Evo Wallet Case REVIEW

So, like I mentioned I really enjoy the concept of a wallet case. Being able to leave the house with only your phone and no bulky wallet or purse in tow is wonderful. So, how does ‘detachable’ card storage work? Well, it’s really quite simple. The card storage on the EVO case is concealed by a magnetic flap that is lined with microfiber. So, when the storage is off of your case, your cards are kept safe. The card storage compartment snaps into the back of the case and when you don’t want to carry it with you, you simply pull it off the case and replace the gap that is left there with the extra backing piece. The integrity of the case isn’t compromised because of the replacement piece and you have the flexibility to take or not take your cards with you. The only downside to this feature is that you do have to completely remove the case in order to make the switch. Fortunately, tech21 made the Evo Wallet Case very easy to install or remove from your phone.

Tech21 Evo Wallet Case REVIEW Tech21 Evo Wallet Case REVIEW

Now that I’ve introduced you to the BIG feature of the Evo Wallet Case, let’s take a look at some specifics. The case protects your phone with 3-layer drop protection and is rated with 3m (9.9ft) drop protection. It’s very thin and lightweight. Some wallet cases end up adding a lot of bulk, but the Evo does a good job of making this case feel more like a bumper case than a wallet. You have very easy access to all the ports and buttons on the phone. This was another aspect of the case that impressed me — the tactile nature of the buttons through the case. While some people may not feel this is necessary, I have the hardest time making a connection with the phone’s buttons when I have it in some cases. The case manufacturer just makes it very hard for depressing the exterior button and that makes it harder to reach the phone’s actual button beneath it. Tech21 did a good job of making sure the buttons felt solid on the case, but still kept them flexible so that you could feel the iPhone’s hardware.

Tech21 Evo Wallet Case REVIEW Tech21 Evo Wallet Case REVIEW

The Evo Wallet Case from tech21 is really a wonderful case. It gives you sturdy protection against falls and drops and you have the bonus of being able to keep your cards with it. The case is available in two colors — black and light rose (pink) — and it retails for around $50. To me, it’s well worth it for a solid case.

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