Allow the ultra-thin Evo Elite case to protect your iPhone 7 Plus from drops and scratches.

Stop, quickly name the most important and possibly most expensive object you have on your person.  If you are like me, you likely named your phone.  I have been a huge fan of the iPhone since my purchase of the iPhone 5.  It is funny to hear people criticize Apple fans as being “Sheeple.”   I no longer find offense in this, as I truly feel that these products are superior for my need.  With the cost of most modern phones ranging close to one-thousand dollars, a phone case is necessary.  Whether you chose to use a bumper style case, a folio style case or a full armor style case, protection is the most important concern.  Tech 21 provides a very considerate bumper style case in the Evo Elite.

EvoElite tech21
The product arrives in a clean-appearing retail package.  Along the front of the box is a rendering of the black case, on a white background. I appreciate the use of the contrasting colors and this does create a visually appealing display.  The device is promised to protect from a drop at 2M/6.6 feet, to provide a durable scratch-resistant finish and is ultra thin and lightweight. The back of the packaging is a little busy, with four paragraphs further detailing the product features.  There is mention of a limited Lifetime Warranty, but the company “does not warrant that this case will protect your device in all circumstances.”  Before purchasing, you may want to visit the tech21 warranty page.  Please keep your receipt and photos of the defective aspects of the case.  This will not cover wear/tear, misuse/abuse of the product, any damage to the phone, and no refunds from any purchase from an external retailer.

evo Elite back
Along the side of the package, you will find a small black pull-out tab.  By pulling laterally on this tab, a cardboard drawer will slide out and the case is fully accessible.  The case provided is the polished black version.  Searching the tech21 website, you can purchase this case in the following colors: rose gold, gold, polished rose gold, polished black, silver and brushed black. The main difference between the brushed and polished case can be seen by hovering over the edges of the cases.  You will notice that the brushed case has vertical lines within the plastic.  Ultimately, the color options are designed to match the colors of each of the iPhone options.

The case measures 6.5 inches tall by 3.3125 inches wide by 0.375 inches thick and weighs an amazing 1 ounce.  The cutouts are very well placed and fit the iPhone 7 plus perfectly.  Along the bottom of the case, you will find three cutouts.  Measuring 0.5626 inches wide, the centermost, lightning, cutout should accommodate any lightning cable that you possess. This is surrounded on either end by speaker cutouts, measuring 0.8125 inches wide.  Along the top left of the back of the case, you will find the 1.375 inch wide by 0.5-inch tall camera cutout.  Along the sides, you will find buttons for the volume up/down, power button and a cutout for the volume toggle.  The back of the case is mildly transparent, allowing you a glimpse of the classic Apple logo (and dust/debris).  I have very few complaints about the features of this case.  The design allows for a fit that is like-a-glove.

Evo Elite cutoutLet me be candid, I am not comfortable dropping my iPhone from 6 feet/2 meters.  I did drop it from 1 foot, onto a countertop, and noted no movement of the case.  The FlexShock technology is listed as an ultra efficient material that absorbs and dissipates the impact force.  It did a great job at smaller drops.  The cutouts are convenient, but unfortunately, dust was allowed to get into the case.  For most phones, this is likely not an issue.  You can see this problem directly, in the image above.  The biggest disadvantage, to this case, is realized by those who chose to purchase the Jet Black iPhone 7 plus.  This color shows scratches and scuffs, worse than other iPhone colors. The bottom cutouts and the camera cutouts are the largest openings for dust.  Despite this, the edges do provide some protection of the screen.  However, you may consider buying a screen protector.

If you are looking for a bumper style case that provides protection to the back/sides of your phone, I would definitely consider the Evo Elite.  The weight is perfect and really adds quality without heft.  The cutouts are well made but will allow dust to get in between your iPhone and the case.  This may not be a problem for most iPhones, but for the Jet Black version, may be a deal breaker.  The warranty is reasonable, the website is very helpful and overall it is a very worthy option.   I would rate the case at 4/5 stars.

Learn more about the Evo Elite from tech21.
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