For those of you looking for a brief look at the tech news from this week, here are some headlines.

Vine, a Twitter-like social network that uses video, was purchased by Twitter. And not even a week has passed and pornography is already running rampant on the site. If that weren’t the only issue to the newcomer, Facebook has also blocked Vine from posting to user timelines.

4K in Your Living Room
Japan announced it will release 4K television broadcasts by 2014. Ultra High Definition has 4 times the pixels as a 1080P broadcast signal. In addition, the country hopes to upgrade the Ultra High Definition signal to 8K by the year 2016 to coincide with the summer olympics in Brazil.

BlackBerry’s New Phones
BlackBerry will release two new smart phones on Wednesday. Until the iPhone was released, BlackBerry was the market leader for smartphones, but their market share has dropped to practically nothing. It will be interesting to see if they can hold their own within the smart phone saturated market.

Apple CEO Congratulates Employees on a Strong Quarter
Even though Wallstreet expected better numbers, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, was happy with the company’s results for the last quarter. In a company memo distributed by e-mail, Cook congratulated employees for their, “incredible hard work and focus.” More than 75 million iOS devices were sold last quarter netting Apple $54.5 billion.