Believe it or not people the is such a thing as an Tech Junkie Outdoor Enthusiast..My main goal is to communicate the best Outdoor apps for the iPhone 4 for the tree hugging nature children like myself. So it begins.. I recently used the App Hi-Hiker Pro for a bit of short hiking in Razorback Country to see what the knee buckling 9.99$ App was packing…Let’s just say when people say, I’m packing some heat, this App justifies that cliche! I could have cooked a steak on the back of my phone..I’m surprised my phone still works after this App got done with it. Moving along, trekking along in killer pig domain I decided to take my blazing hot coal that used to be my phone out of its Deuter phone case and see how the ” recording my steps ” option was going…Let’s just start this one off with, I was in the middle of nowhere with nothing around MILES away from other human life, and amidst a deer trail that turned out to be a highway ( according to Hi-Hiker ) a rock face that turned out to be a Barnes and Noble and a creek that again according to Hi-Hiker turned out to be a whitewater river…I do not recommend this App powered by Google Maps to anyone unless they feel the need to get lost for hours on end and use their knowledge acquired by episodes of Man vs. Wild and Survivorman. And no need to use a MSR or Jetboil ( backpacking stoves for the non-outdoor people ) for boiling water, just download Hi-Hiker Pro and sit your pot on the back of the phone..I give this App 2 thumbs down wishing I had another hand to give it a 3rd thumb down…I want a refund.

Written by Nicholas Collin Hodge, R.I.P my friend.