Tech City Fashion iPhone 6 Plus Case Review:

Stylish, but not a good fit for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Tech City Fashion iPhone 6 Plus Case Review 3I enjoy testing out cases for my iPhone and I really like unique ones. One such case is the Fashion Case from Tech City. What makes it so unique? It’s a two-piece case that has a rubber (silicone) case surrounded by a metal bumper that closes with a buckle. As many cases as I’ve seen, I can’t say that I’ve ever really come across something like this.

The metal bumper is a perfect match to the iPhone. The case is has a slim line design and hugs the frame of the iPhone 6 Plus like a glove. Its rounded design makes for a comfortable, natural grip. Plus, the TPU polycarbonate material, shock absorbing bumper and raised lip gives protection to both the front and back sides of the phone. It’s extremely stylish and is a great companion for the iPhone 6 Plus’s design. But, I did find one flaw. The fit isn’t quite right.

Tech City Fashion iPhone 6 Plus Case Review 4The Fashion Case from Tech City has potential, but it doesn’t seem to line up correctly. When first presented with the Fashion case for the iPhone 6 Plus to review, I thought it looked very slick. The clean clear rubber case that covers the back and sides while open on the front gives me the option to still enjoy the awesome design of the iPhone while giving protection. Plus, covering the rubber with a metal gold plated bumper that matches the iPhone was an added bonus.

Tech City Fashion iPhone 6 Plus Case Review 5To my dismay, after placing my iPhone into the rubber case I found the metal bumper does not line up or snap into place correctly. This could just be the model I received to review, but without getting a second one I can’t say for sure. If the case would have lined up on my iPhone it would have been like I said above a very slick case. Unfortunately, the way it currently fits, the case leaves a large gap around the power button on the phone and I really had to work at it to get the buckle to close.

Despite this design flaw, I did find the case to be unique in design and would hope that if this is a true design flaw that the manufacturer would take steps in rectifying this truly stylish, one of a kind case.