Tech City Fashion iPhone 6 Case Review:

A sturdy, stylish inexpensive case is a good fit for anyone.

This week I’ve been fortunate to test out the Fashion Case from Tech City with my iPhone 6. If you follow MacSources regularly, you will know that earlier this week, we published a review of the same style of case, but for the iPhone 6 Plus. I’m happy to say that I had an entirely different experience with this version of the case than Cal did with his.

First of all, here is a little background on the case. It’s got a very unique design with an inner silicone case that completely covers the back and sides of the phone and an outer metal bumper case. The metal bumper case locks into place via a buckle on the bottom left corner. It’s a nice design because it is built to absorb shock and has a slightly raised lip on the front. I really like the look of the case because it’s made to compliment the iPhone 6’s style. It’s got really nice curves and hugs the iPhone so well, it doesn’t add any bulk at all. It’s very comfortable to hold and doesn’t impede any functions of the iPhone.

With the iPhone 6 Plus, the case didn’t fit quite right. The outer metal shell didn’t line up correctly with the buttons, which made it a bit difficult to use the power button on the phone. With the iPhone 6 version that I tested, the case was a perfect fit and not hard to install on the phone at all. One thing that I will note though is that the buttons were a bit hard to depress – especially the power button. There was no downward movement at all when you tap it and it doesn’t feel like a connection is being made at all. I really had to press hard to make sure I was hitting the power button.

Something I really enjoyed about the case’s style was the color. I had a bright turquoise metal bumper and it really made the phone stand out.

If you are looking for a unique case for your iPhone 6, give this Fashion Case from Tech City a try. It’s inexpensive and very stylish.