To case or not to case, that is the question…

Tauri Kickstand iPhone 6s Plus Review 1When it comes to my portable iDevices (iPhone 5, iPhone 6s Plus and my iPad Air 2), I have chosen to trust one name and that is Otterbox. I would not classify myself as a case snob, as I am more than willing to give a competitor their fair chance. I have seriously thought about the Lifeproof cases (the case was not available for my 6s plus when I bought my device). I have also considered many of the other cases combined with a zag shield for the screen. When I price match and feature match the cases, review pros and cons, I find myself returning to the Otterbox Defender Series. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that screen protection is included with the plastic shell and the surrounding silicone case. Additionally, I like that my current belt holster allows both vertical or horizontal positioning. Let’s be honest, I am super protective over my devices. The case is a fail safe protection and that is my goal for a case. I am not going to drop it to find out just how protective it will be. That is what YouTube videos are for.

Tauri Kickstand iPhone 6s Plus Review 3There are many companies who offer their take on cases. I have been given a Tauri Kickstand Case for iPhone 6s Plus to review. It is clear from their design, that they take phone safety seriously. There are a few pros to this case, but a few cons as well. The case is shipped in a simple yellow ziplock bag solely displaying the company logo. There was no instruction manual, no packaging insert. Ah well, it is not needed anyway. The case is made of 3 parts, a soft silicone like material named as shock-absorbing TPU, a polycarbonate exterior that snaps over the soft inside layer. Both of these then slide into the holster. The holster has a belt clip that rotates 180 degrees, allowing for vertical and horizontal placement on your belt. I am not a fan of the slide mechanism, as it seems to be harder to take out while seated, than the snap away type holster clips (like the Otterbox defender).

Tauri Kickstand iPhone 6s Plus Review 4The polycarbonate backing has an included kickstand feature, that allows for hands free watching of movies and angled viewing. This is a built in feature, folds flat and remains flat even with rather vigorous shaking. It slides out easily and folds up just as easily. This is a really neat feature, one I actually wish was included with my current case. I usually have to wedge something behind my phone and lean the iPhone against it to have hands free angled viewing.

The Tauri case measures at ~8.8cm wide, ~17cm long, ~2cm thick to the holster and ~4cm with the holster. It is approximately 1 cm shorter and slimmer than the Otterbox Defender. The cutouts along the bottom of the TPU case line up well. I do not like that the power port is left uncovered and that the Audio Headset Jack is also left uncovered. These are forgivable. However, the thing I cannot live without, is screen protection. Even though the Tauri Kickstand iPhone 6s Plus Review 5holster has a felt like backing, the screen is left open to potential scratches and damage. For me this is a deal breaker, as I do not have a zag shield installed with my current setup. The price is vey reasonable for the included features at around $10. I might even come out ahead if I include the price of a zag shield. To summarize, I think this case is rugged, I think it will protect the phone from bumps, scuffs, scratches and the kickstand feature is amazing. Ultimately, I do not like the lack of screen protection and I am not a fan of the slide style mechanism. Lastly (I know it is going to be a minor issue to some), the Apple logo is not visible using the Tauri case. I like the apple logo. I give the device 3/5 stars for the kickstand, build quality and the price. I cannot give it more for the reasons listed above. You can get a Tauri case from Amazon here.