TAPPD makes it easy to share apps you love with people you know.

tappd2I’m pretty big into social networking. I love Facebook and Twitter and I try out other new products when they come online. I also love talking about really cool apps that make life easier. There is now an app that combines these two great loves – TAPPD. TAPPD is an app for iOS that allows users to share apps they love with friends with just a few simple taps on your iOS device screen.

The main features of TAPPD include:

  • discovering what apps are trending
  • a personalized feed showing friends and people with similar interests
  • a simple, but powerful search that allows you to search by location, hashtag or app name
  • the Daily TAPP – a highlighted app from the developers

tappd3So, why do you need TAPPD? The reason is very simple. It gives you opinions from real people. I know that when I’m searching for new apps, sometimes I just go to the App Store and look at the newest apps. And even though people will rate apps, it’s a completely different perspective when you have a service that is completely for recommending apps.

The sharing function called, TAPP & TELL, is very similar to creating a status on Facebook. You tap on the icon to share, search for the app you want to share, or select one that has been TAPPD recently and then you share you opinion with a few thoughts. You also have the option to share on Facebook, Twitter or by Email. It’s a very easy to use method of sharing.

Another great feature of TAPPD is that it connects directly to the App Store so that when you find an app that you like, you can immediately download it. This is great because you don’t have to commit the name of the app to memory, leave TAPPD, open the App Store and then type in the name of the app. You simply tap the icon that shows the price of the app and it moves you over to the app information page within the App Store.


When you first start up the app, you are asked to fill in your interests so that you can be shown apps that you’ll be interested in. You’ll also be shown users that have similar interests so you can build your TAPPD network. Once you have defined your preferences, you are shown your news feed and can begin TAPPing.

The interface is striking. It has a clean, magazine-style news feed with a fold out sidebar for the settings. I personally love this look because it makes it so easy to review information at a glance. And after all, our iOS devices are meant to keep information in your hands while you’re on the go. TAPPD is a quick reference for apps that are worth downloading.

TAPPD is definitely worth having if you love apps. It’s free to download and with such a beautiful UI, it’s hard to put down. TAPPD is currently on version 1.0.1 and was originally released on March 12, 2014. I’m looking forward to what updates may bring for TAPPD in the future.