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You know, living out of a suitcase. Here is where a previously unknown piece of tech has actually changed my life for the better. I have been given an INAROCK 5-Port Intelligent USB charger to discuss with you today.

I have used a lot of different after market car chargers and generally speaking, they are not anything to get too excited about. I travel quite a bit for my work and spend a lot of time in rental cars.

It is pretty evident when competition begins to copy certain advertising strategies. The biggest and best pieces of tech usually hold such titles for a short time before a competitor steps up their marketing and development to show off the next big thing.

I’ve enjoyed using the JOTO 4-Port Charger so far. Most of its trial has just been charging my phone and portable chargers overnight while I’ve been on the road, but I’m about to move into an apartment with multiple roommates, and I’m sure this will be useful for saving outlet space as well. It’s always fun having multiple smartphones in a small area, as you probably know.