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Xencelabs Tablet and Brainstorm NEWS

Xencelabs Technologies and Brainstorm School are partnering to offer the school’s online students a professional digital drawing tablet for use in their art and design programs. The phased roll-out will begin with Brainstorm’s summer 2022 program, delivering Xencelabs’ Pen Tablet and accessories for up to 1450 of the expected registrants. The summer registration period began February 28, with classes starting May 9, and the partnership is also planned to extend beyond summer to year-round use across the Brainstorm curriculum. 

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small

Drawing tablets are a great accessory for creative professionals. Until recently, there have been only a few options (brand-wise) as add-on accessories for workstations. Thankfully, Xencelabs entered the market (run by a group of former Wacom employees) and has designed some miraculous, innovative creative tablets for professionals to work with. One product is the Pen Tablet Small that I was lucky enough to be able to review.

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