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Records Mac App Review

Records Mac App allows you to efficiently collect and organize any kind of information. Many years ago, much longer than…

NetSpot Mac App Review 1

User-friendly wireless network mapping tool. I like to consider myself as more than an average tech user, but when I…

Stellar Speedup 3.0 Mac App Review 1

One of the things I struggle with a lot is hard drive space. When I upgraded my computer last year, I opted for the smaller hard drive. As a result, I pay the ultimate price of constantly moving important files around just to make sure I don’t run out of hard drive space.

Hours iOS App Review 1

One of the things required of me at work is proper hourly tracking for billing to our clients. This can become very tricky for a project manager as you end up working through many different projects sometimes simultaneously. I did some research into different apps that track time and found Hours by Tapity for iOS.

Airmail 2.5 Mac App Review 1

I’m not accustomed to using an email application. I use Gmail, and lately, I haven’t had anything important enough to make me pay close attention to my email account(s). So, hello Airmail 2.5.

Starting a new school year can be a daunting task. It’s especially frightening if you are starting out a new school year as a college freshman. For those students, we have the following list of top iOS apps that will help you conquer the school year.

Several months ago, we published a review of MindNode for iOS and we are very excited to introduce you to version 4.0 of MindNode for iOS. It has some impressive new features that mirror the updates for the Mac version that was just released and support for the Apple Watch.